Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giving Good - The Bounty of Cyberspace

So you're thinking you have just about two and half weeks.  To literally, WRAP IT ALL UP!

Struggling a little?  Wish you could be more creative?  Thinking you ought to be green?  Or socially responsible?

Want to SKIP THE PAPER AND RIBBONS PART?!  Want to skip getting into your car and going to the mall?  Chicas, Chollos, I give you OPTIONS!  All the following non-gift gift ideas come to you via  I would suggest that the "non-gift"ones be more geared towards adults on your list, whereas yes, the others (pictured) have a whole lot of cute-and-cuddlyness going on for the kiddos (or the inner kiddo) whose faces you love.

My first, suggestion, (since I did grow up in Michigan traipsing through forests, seeking out the south side of many a tree) is that you buy someone you love a forest of oversized pine trees.  Why don't cha?  Then take this loved person to visit them.  FREQUENTLY.  Remember it's all about experiences making us happier than things.  Yes?  

OR NOT?  If your loving one is not really the outdoorsy type, or is feeling poorly lately, or IS the outdoorsy type, but has recently injured or overextended some body part or other.....Buy that one a soft landing.  (Paper also available in similar designs as per Jeska at Lobster and Swan.  All made by St. Judes, a small fabric manufacturer in the North of England).

Anne at Ribambelles, Ribambins, came up with this beguiling option from Thomas Paul UK.

LOVING AN ANIMAL LOVER who lives in a small apartment and can't take care of a pet?  True Love means never having to say you're sorry.  For the animal lover in your life, here's a universe of ways of giving without that will leave a smile on your recipient's face.

OR NOT: House of Harriet has two sides: an edgy spiky side, and a cozy comfy side.  If your animal lover's tiny apartment needs a little warming up for the holidays and he/she might rather express their BEAST-O-FILIA in more totemic terms, these Christmas ornaments can be found at Etsy (via Fiona at Cafe Cartolina who always finds the best things)!

They are not quite diamonds, but can we agree that these make great gifts appropriate equally for girlfriends AND grannies.  They have that simple timeless appeal of "Delft".   And have the instant effect of making a house a home.

IS YOUR LOVED ONE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE EARTH as much as they are about what they put in the mouths of yours, mine and ours?  Want to give a gift that keeps on giving?  This one's for sure.  Your gift recipient is could well be saying your name with praise for Thanksgivings and Christmases to come.  You can make it all possible without once setting foot in the kitchen!  And you won't sprain your back carrying "Le Creuset" home!

OR, OR MAYBE NOT:  Because  - back in the material that's actually mostly mohair.... (and mostly for laughs......  don't tell me you've seen these already!  Cause I hadn't!)  are lurking these marvelous characters ( found last week on Bobbi's blog The Lazy Designer):

Whendi's Bears (well these are Whendi's Dogs,  it seems the bears are already sold out!) is where you'll find them.

FOR GROWNUPS ONLY (who might not want to leave your Holiday feast ALONE), these are not childrens' toys, but really, artworks.  Can you stand how original and irresistible they are?  And great company too, tucked into a handbag, under your arm, or in the bottom of a comfy chair.  These are the kinds of "cuddly toys" that do NOT denote immaturity.  In fact, they are almost urbane.  And o.k., I'm making this gift suggestion not for other people.  I'm telling you, you need to buy this gift FOR YOU!  Don't you?

MY FINAL NON-GIFT GIFT SUGGESTION (guess the last one was one too!): 

Not to be a downer, but there are shocking things going on in the world and in America that we never might have imagined a scant time ago.  If you think maybe you want to love someone as you love yourself, or are loving someone who loves Nicholas Kristof, here is a way to truly make the world a better place.  And about finding a better face looking back out of the mirror every morning.  This is the gift that puts all the other "gifts" into perspective!  (Really!) 

Hope you like some of these suggestions, it is not a comprehensive list, but when one has a blog, one somehow feels obliged to somewhat participate in this seasonal one does one's small part.

I hope you like it and find some good possibilities, because.....with less than 20 days to go, what are YOUR better ideas?!


  1. Hello Miss Paradis! Comment vas tu, hier j'ai laissé un message à propos du blog précédent pour dire que j'aimais beaucoup la tête de lit et les coussins à fleurs, quel charme cette photo...mais ...impossible de l'envoyer, j'espère que ce sera mieux aujourdhui. ceux qui sont ci dessus ne sont pas mal non plus. bises de milieu de semaine! béa

  2. I like ribbons but I like your ideas as well!

  3. Oh so much to choose from - though think I'll start green, and then for myself... the adorable melancholy dog! Sweet...