Monday, December 20, 2010

Wet and Wild

Who is this masked man??????

Can you see him?  Her?  Between last Wednesday and Saturday, two of these managed to find their ways into our skunk traps.  We also managed to lure two skunks.  And see them all spirited away fairly unceremoniously by our hopefully trusty "Animal Capture" expert.  I'm starting to worry though, because we are being charged per animal, and I don't really want to be buying my whole neighborhood, i.e., HILL, a varmint-free Christmas week.   Meanwhile, at 4 a.m. this morning AGAIN, we were woken up by the pungent smell of SKUNK in our house!  (Two parts garlic, one part gasoline is the olfactory formula I've settled on, for something I've become far too intimate with.)  This has been going on for about two weeks now, every other day.  The good news is that we have actually somewhat gotten used to the smell and it does not affect us or the cats violently in any physical way.  Also good that we have not planned a Christmas week of non-stop entertaining chez nous.

But we ARE REALLY TIRED of having skunks under our living room floor (Are you listening down there?!)  The animal capture man stops working for Christmas on Wednesday.  When oh when will we be finally skunk free?  Meanwhile for all my sharp and informed French readers out there, since "mouffette" is french for skunk, what does this mean about one of my favorite places in Paris?  Rue, or Marche, Mouffetard?  Any connection?  Do you HAVE skunks in Paris?  I'd feel so much better if you say you do!

How many of you got snowed in this weekend, or couldn't travel because of the weather?  Closer to home, a once-in-10-years'-rainfall in LA yesterday.


  1. Alors là, chapeau, du skunk à Mouffetard (j'aime beaucoup cette rue) !!! Il fallait le faire. La seule mouffette que j'ai jamais que est celle de Bambi ;) Il y a bien quelque hérisson dans mon jardin et je me souviens des loirs dans le... grenier (pas dans le couloir) mais j'imagine que ce n'est rien en comparaison des skunks !

    15 cm de neige en Ile de France (du moins dans mon coin). Autant te dire que c'était la panique...

  2. Garlic and Gasoline, that sounds right :^) Hope the trapper is a kind soul ... look at that sweet face. Good luck with the critters MP.

  3. Have a Merry skunk free, raccon free Christmas from all of us down here in the flats. We HAVE TO meet in the new year and I'll tell you a skunk story! Stay dry and now I have go change the water pan.

  4. Oh god I just saw this. I love him/her. One of my favorite animals. i hope too that the trapper is a civil person and don't harm him/her. Usually, i hate trappers.