Friday, December 3, 2010

Time to Turn the Page

So to close out our week of looking at books, an Ellen Bell installation in Bristol, England earlier this year.  I'm thinking I will have to do a whole separate post about Ellen Bell.  But until I get to it make sure to click the link!

Photo by Guillemette at Grey Lemon find more about her and this photo here.  And do please check out Guillemette's Flickr photos here.  OH!  MY!

Loved all of your comments this week everybody and welcome to new followers HI YOU GUYS!

Just sneaking this one in...couldn't resist get your weekend off to a good start:

via Sarah at Saipua (and you thought she was just about flowers)...I wish my cats could watch this and then have a little think about those famous words....."Why can't we ALL JUST GET ALONG????!!!!!" 

H-A-V-E  A  H-A-P-P-Y  W-E-E-K-E-N-D  A-L-L  !!!!!!!


  1. Many Thanks MP! I'm glad you like Ellen Bell's work, she's such a talented artist! She lives in Bath, so we've been lucky enough to see her work exhibited a couple of times. Btw this week (for the londoners...) Ellen Bell is showing work from her "Acts of Love" series in the Christmas Show held at Gallery in Redchurch Street (50 Redchurch Street, London E2) until the 5th December!
    Have a geat weekend!

  2. OHHHHHHH! trop mignons ces petits chats!!!J'ai les mêmes!!!Passe un bon week end!

  3. I discovered his work and world with Grey Lemon. I love it, may be because it's made of books. Thanks for the amazing video too! Wow!

  4. Aren't cats brilliant and so funny.
    Sorry I have taken a bit of time to reply on your books thing - it has been such a busy week. I hope it's not too late and some people will read it!
    We both like Colette and Proust (although I didn't include him in my top 15). Which books of the other writers would you especially recommend? I find for myself that I tend to opt for the same sort of things, and am making a conscious effort to take myself onto different paths.

  5. ps I meant to put which books of the writers you recommend would you especially recommend?
    Getting late here so I'm clearly not with it!