Wednesday, December 22, 2010

London's Lit at Christmas

And what about where you are?

*  Link to LATimes article today about Xmas in London.  You'll be convinced!


  1. Wow, look at that! I love the huge bows. A city giftwrapped. Love it!

  2. C'est tout aussi illuminé par ici, mais j'ai comme une envie de dire... Goooo...

    Merry Christmas ;)

  3. oh how gorgeous MP!
    I just realised it was xmas about yesterday! Rather delayed I know but too much on this year to care.
    Cooked up a big feast for 8 last night ...but I skipped the dessert on account of not being named Martha or Mlle Paradis.
    Actually one's mother made a delish almond cake and I just remebered one in fact made a delish nectarine, raspberry and blueberry compote and served it along with cream. Rather good for a simple concoction. Loved your impressive pistachio number..!
    Im just home from 4 hours walking around a dept store in the city followed by a couple of bookshops till 11pm. The night was concluded with a spectacular passionfruit pannacotta at a great Italian place next to the bookstore!
    I might note I hardly purchased anything...a few pressies for nearest and dearest. But I dreampt my way through the bed linen section and the china dept as if i need either.
    enjoy the lights of xmas my friend!
    S x

  4. Beautiful!! I love especially the rain of lights and the V&A photo (V&A is it?) - stunning!

  5. Wonderful!!! Hope your vermin problem is solved.

    Merry Christmas etc. Mlle!!!

    I'm off for a week of winter R&R.

  6. Here it's cozy to, but we can't beat that :)!!