Monday, December 20, 2010

I Am So Ready! Thanks To Guillemette at Grey Lemon!

From a supremely satisfied customer...........

Look what I got in the mail last week!  Aren't they gorgeous?  I can't decide which I love more, the cheery snappy red ones, or the silvery blue, lyrical grey ones.   Don't you love how Guillemette makes little windows that reveal beautiful subtle images (in the grey) and punchy graphic elements (red)?  These are not your Mother's Christmas cards.  I feel they are both extremely of the moment, and very classic and classy at the same time.   So, great cards for EVERYBODY on your list.

You might say that I got them a little late for the Christmas Season, but NOT AT ALL!!!!  These are the ones that are going to go on the presents that are underneath the tree.  To the nearest and dearest ones that I'm going to see this Christmas.  I will set aside at least one of each for my ephemera collection  and with any luck, there will be one or two left over for some special person to receive next year.

Have you been to Guillemette's Etsy shop lately?  Are your thoughts turning already in anticipation (or  lousy-weather-induced desperation) to the next season to come?   Are you ready already for sunshine, cupcakes, butterflies, and apple pies?  What about these lovely ideas that G. also tucked into my lovely package?  How clever was she to do so?

Now that we have just passed our Winter Solstice, do you realize, that in no time at all, it will be Valentine's Day?

Think about it!  And then say, YES!


  1. Thank you so so SO SO Much! Je suis au Paradis!
    I love what you say, it's exactly the spirit I tried to give, this goes straight to my heart.
    Merci, Merci Beaucoup MP!