Sunday, December 5, 2010

Architecture of the Sea

Hello!  How was the weekend?

Thought maybe we all needed a break from the dark days and early nights.  And obsessing about Holidays.  Anne at Ribambelles, Ribambins did a post last week with other bloggers (see links on her site) which featured books and illustrations (mostly of and for children) about Hawaii.  And reminded me that I hadn't done a Hawaii post in awhile.  

Here are little collections of coral and rock that have been isolated by the tides within these magical little tide pools. Lovely, aren't they?  It's mind boggling to imagine the variety and number of life forms they contain that aren't at all apparent to most of us!  And they remind me of another book post I should do for you!

And STILL speaking of books, because it is quickly becoming apparent to me that this is a subject that deserves very much more than a mere week of posts, please remember to go to Anzu and see what Ellen has posted about her booklist.  She has chosen the most beautiful pictures to illustrate it with and has described with passion and lovely little personal details, the whos, wheres and the hows of the books (more so than the authors, she says) who have made a great impact on her life.  Based on her descriptions, you would have to rush straight out to find these books and DROP EVERYTHING ELSE!

Open your eyes wide, take deep breaths......and then.............?


  1. Mine was nice, but your dreamy one was beautiful ;)

  2. Promise to get to my list soon... all my precious books are still in storage - ohhh how hard it's been! Happy Monday :^)

  3. Gorgeous. Discover compositions. Found collages! YUM@!

  4. So, so beautiful! Magical indeed... I could spend days upon days exploring these little universes.