Sunday, December 12, 2010

It Was 80 Degrees in Los Angeles on Sunday

Over my house the sky was filled with stars.  The sky was perfectly clear.  I wish I could say I was deliriously happy the whole time.  But part of the weekend, I was a bit grouchy.  My mood had nothing to do with Christmas shopping.


  1. There is a wonderful sunny day here...and ice everywhere. Ice. There are icicles on my fence, it looks like sweden.

  2. Hummm... Hope the mood passed and you feel better this Monday morning. Big hug to you ...

    And - can't believe you had such hot weather. Amazing difference from one end to another here in CA. Whew!

  3. Lovely weather! Here the sky is limpid as well --I actually saw two shooting starts since I have arrived!
    I love the color therapy bit!
    Have a lovely week! The grouchiness has moved on...

  4. We have snow. It is freezing. I have been covered in dogs. mmmm!
    Your kitty looks grouchy too! It will pass. It always does.