Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Break

Wanna take a break from sunshine, flowers, soft breezes, cool shadows?

I had a little conversation with grey and orange last week while contemplating the kitchen "update" and some of these little goodies I found along the way.   A couple I've had tucked aside for awhile.  Seemed like a good time to bring them out!

Alexander McQueen

Dorte (click to see her blog and other pics)

this and the next three or so via Sophie Munns' Seed Capsules

You know already that I am a big fan of Sophie's.  She has a great, witty, energetic eye.

Jessica Williams from Paperheart.  Her stuff is GREAT!

I am also a great lover of collage.  Did you know that already?  Some others from dearada.tumblr

And ceramics.  Can you believe these are ceramic?

Friends of Homerton Station, Rose de Borman

And plants, and the naive.  Actually that one looks alot like something a friend does.

Did I say Nature?  Oh no, I said plants.  What about these "crop circles"?  Arrayed for miles and miles around Dallas, TX.  What up?

Me, or you?  Looks like a mask.  But it's Nature.

Alexander Girard, (above) yes, LOVE!

Look closely.  What do you see?

Some themes we return to over and over, no?

I think these are called Penny Black.  They might be geraniums.

Ceramics again!  Can I claim this you-know-whose-it (Picasso) as my own self-portrait?  I'd like that very much!

How was the art break?  Good for you, too?  Thanks for hanging in with me!  Glad you came inside?


  1. A visual dessert! Love Ms. Sophie too... Thanks for list of goodies :^)

  2. Plus qu'un break, une évasion vers l'ailleurs ;)
    Merci... encooooore

  3. Une belle série! J'aime beaucoup les "feuilles" en céramique et le grand tableau dessous. Merci! Et très bon week-end festif!

  4. Oh... such a lot here to peruse MP.. funny thing is that I often forget what I put up at tumblr... so seeing them again is as if seeing for the first time... funny that!

  5. thanks for this beautiful art break :)