Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Sepia


  1. So this is a Paris sepia? I love sepia ink... must experiment a bit more w sepia on the mac its interesting to play around!
    Wish you could join my colour workshops coming up... you would bring such a boost of adventure!
    I feel a walk around your streets at the moment would be quite a treat Mlle P... I recently saw on an australian must see/eat in LA post images of one or more of the places you have showed in your posts...
    Love the Kombi image in previous post and the bobbles... Fabulous!
    ps loved your last comment x

  2. mmmm ... I'll take a Euro sepia-hydrangea anyday :^)

    p.s. a goodie is being mailed to you this week... Happy Sunday!

  3. Beautiful Paris in sepia... Thank you!