Monday, June 20, 2011

June Giveaway

Chopstick rests and Paris Made by Hand.  What do you think?  A two-in-one giveaway?

If you don't know who Pia is and about her blog and her (first of many!) books -  don't admit that you've been living under a rock somewhere.  Just say you've been "off the grid"  .....  "doing God's work" or something along those lines. In any case, consider yourself VERY lucky that you get this second shot at obtaining this magical guidebook to all of the best of "making" in Paris.....because you are planning that trip very soon, aren't you, to reward yourself for all that virtuousness!   (And deeply discounted at Amazon is still not the same as FREE!  Hello?!)

To accompany this gift of BOOK, yours truly, Mlle Paradis will include for you four ceramic chopstick rests (jade fishbowl ornaments not included, sorry!) that she acquired during her earlier 2011 sojourn in London at Labour and Wait for precisely this purpose.  (GIVEAWAY.  Umm delayed giveaway.) 

The pieces are by London-based Japanese artist, Mizuyo Yamashita which she made and offered especially for Japan relief.

(And here is how they appear on Mizuyo's blog. Click to link.)

They are very much in the spirit of "Made By Hand" don't you think?  And we are very pleased to introduce you to this artist who continues her effort on behalf of Japan and who has been, via her blog, keeping people up to date on the discouraging slowness with which funds already collected are reaching the needy.  Some 80% of those affected have not received Red Cross aid so far.  Because of this fact, Ms. Yamashita, has decided not to forward her chopstick rest receipts to Red Cross, but to four smaller NGOs instead.  See her blog for more details.  And wonderful other posts about art and Japan.

(How do you all feel about that?  Is it enough that you gave money?  Did you give money to Japan Red Cross?  Does it bother you that the money has been "stalled"?)

Now on to details of "Giveaway Terms".

Please leave a comment on this blog at any time during the next 8 days, and at the end of my Wednesday, June 29, Corner View post, I will announce the winner of this giveaway. At that time, the lucky aesthete who has won can email me their details for shipping the goodies out to whatever corner of the world you happen to be tucked into.

Sounds good?  Hope so! 

Now tell me something?  



  1. Les reposes baguette en forme de maison sont vraiment très belles, même si j'ai bien du mal à manger avec des une pensée pour le Japon, je ne connaissais pas cette situation avec la croix-rouge...Bonne journé fait très gris à Paris. Eiline

  2. Oh my! I am way off the grid...
    (thanks for your kind wishes!)

  3. Yes, I have heard of Pia, and yes, it does trouble me that it's taking so long to get aid to those poor people. I can't begin to imagine the frustration they are experiencing. This is a fantastic giveaway, darling. :-)

  4. Well, maybe I don't live under a rock but was a blockhead instead! How could I not know of Pia so far? ;o) So thanks for filling this gap and presenting such a great giveaway!
    What upsets me even more about the japonese theme is: where has japan gone in the news? Some weeks pass and the interest is gone? Can't believe that!

  5. the chopstick stands look gorgeous and peaceful. pia already sits on my book shelf (hint).
    sigh on the japan relief funds... red tape is not for real... hopefully local aid & creativity help too...

  6. Well I feel very hip - haha cuz I know of Pia and I have her book! But I am still entering! I know a person who is very involved in Helping the Japanese people. We have donated to the Amma Japanese relief fund.

  7. Maintenant que je vois tout ceci de près... je trouve ces cadeaux encore plus beaux ;)