Saturday, June 4, 2011


This was my garden in New Jersey six (wow! SIX!) years ago now.  I haven't done much gardening since, as we lived in rented houses in Honolulu and now we travel so much.  A garden suffers without daily TLC.  Ask me how I got that massive taro plant -  TURBO-charged compost!  I added bone meal to it and the worms multiplied almost biblically.  I don't know if that's Kosher but it so worked.  The garden was only about 15 ft. wide but I tried to pack alot into it.  I knew much about clematis then, and when and which to fertilize and cut back depending on the season.  I loved my hakone grass, which brought light and grace to my shady garden, which grew so slowly and which a CERTAIN SOMEONE insisted on eating!  (It was a constant battle.)  He loved to spend days under the hydrangea (vs. lawn chair sitting) and now that I have one blooming again, he goes straight to it when the sun gets strong.  We put in a peach and a fig this spring but not much gardening going on in L.A.  I have cactus in tubs and am waiting for a new fence and deck. But when they're out!

I may get a whole new lease on life.  

Hope it's a good summer weekend so far!  Toodle-oodle-oo!


  1. What a beautiful garden! I have no time for gardening these days, but my pansy flower boxes are going nuts this year after a rainy spring!

  2. you should be very very proud of yourself. this is truly gorgeous! i hope you get your hands dirty again. i'd love to see what you do next. :)

  3. I'm not very good at it but I love gardening, or should I say as I live in London terracing!
    You really are travelling a lot! How come? I'm very envious. The market in Buenos Aires looked great, and your shots of the tango really capture it.
    Hope your package arrives soon - goodness knows why they take so long, it's ridiculous!

  4. Stunning! And I love your previous post... yes breath out... we sometimes forget!

  5. I hope your fig tree produces as much as mine. It is covered with figlets right now and I am not sure if I’ll make more jam as my cupboards are full with fig jam I made last year. Now that I am retired I don’t know enough people to give my fig jam away.

  6. The world is your garden, how wonderful is that! Good luck with the construction in your backyard. You'll create another beautiful patch again, just like the last one... :^)

    ...oh by the way, those leaves are amazing. They're so big you can sew a dress with them!

  7. I'd have loved to sit and sip a G & T in this garden.... maybe small but its wondrous MP! Did you miss it?
    Worms multiplying bibliclally... hilarious and goos stuff.
    Have fun with your presnet garden... does sound like less time makes t harder... still methinks you have a green thumb!
    S x

  8. Ah, the New Jersey growing season! We're in the thick of it right now on the farm and enjoying every last strawberry and bunch of spinach as if it were made from gold. The LA garden is a very different beast indeed, but SO, so wonderful; I miss all those succulents and exotics!

    And the biblical multiplication of vurmz = the best sentence I've read all day.