Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monday BItes - Your Summertime Kitchen Table

You might be able to tell by my recent posts that I'm in a bit of a pottering-around-the-house-lazy-summer-days- mood.

krystel harris via paradisexpress

Which will have to explain this little post about WHAT ELSE you could do at your kitchen table

This and next three photos, Petersham Nurseries

like sewing up cushions, this summer, when the kids are home.

Organizing and tidying.

Sitting around drinking soda-pop and gossiping.

Potting up those baby seedlings.  Or just........

paola navone's greek home via dept of the interior

Contemplating everything AND nothingness.........yeah take it easy - IT'S SUMMER!


  1. Good morning, happy Monday... Your colorful post inspired me today. Since I am unable to plant a garden in this rental, I am going to plant little colorful cans of, know :^)

    All the table photos are deliciously fabu, thanks for the jolt of beauty this morning - xo

  2. Reste "in this mood"... c'est bien agréable d'en contempler les effets ;)

  3. Lovely! These days here it is a bit the same but with jam and jam and jam and special "vinaigre" and herbs... Lots of colors and wonderful smells! Wishing you a colorful week!

  4. Superbe et l'envie d'aussi belles tables chez d'avoir moi aussi de belle petite boite remplie de cactus...bonne journée