Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monday Bites - Cowboys and Turbans, LA

So what do you say.........

to burritos with samosas and curry?

Al Fresco?

A little homemade.

And in a little bit of a not "done" kind of environment, or shall we say, rustic?

The food is not fancy, but fresh fresh fresh!

Bring your own drinks if you wish.  Stay a little.  Take your time.  Watch the evening come.

It's C-H-I-L-L.........Sunset Boulevard.  In the 'hood.  Life is good.  Cowboys and Turbans.


  1. A limey Caiparinha would go very nicely with this food...
    Yum...very enticing indeed

  2. sounds wonderfully delicious! thanks for your kind wishes!

  3. Ooh... that does look good! So good!

  4. This is my kind of place and we both KNOW if it's in LA it has to be top notch! The burrito just made my stomach growl :^)