Thursday, June 9, 2011

Plum Pudding Friday

For Friday.  For You.  For Fun.

First and last, Sophie's Seed Capsules tumblr site.

Just because these colors have a certain pucker to them.  Reminds me that plums might be my favorite fruit.  Yours?  (OK my FIRST favorite fruit.)


  1. hello friend... hope you've got a good weekend planned... quite freezing here... we're not used to it. Had to go buy some winter socks, jumper, coat, and more. Off to an even colder place on weekend... long weekend here!
    Enjoy swims and ice creams...and plums of course! Tis quince and pomegrante time for us... and oranges!
    But... i do love plums... fav recipe is for a Polish blood plum cake!
    ps glad you like those colours too... pucker... yes!

  2. Super récré pour ce vendredi...
    Comme quoi, notre façon de voir est liée à ce que nous aimons... J'ai tendance à voir des cafés à boire... Mmhhh.

    Et pour les fruits, si j'aime les prunes aussi, j'ai un faible pour les poires et les framboises... Même si, en ce moment, côté symbole, la cerise prend tout son sens ;)

  3. Super les photos ! La première est vraiment drôle.
    Et la dernière me fait moi aussi penser à des tasses vues du dessus. Il y a du thé, café, lait parfumé à la menthe, etc...
    Mon fruit préféré ? La fraise... mais j'adore tous les fruits rouges en général.

  4. Isn't that the height of waste? Amazing what people can do when they have so much time (and so much... if I may add) on their hands. Love the colors and you are right about them. Plums... yes lovely! I would go for mangos (from Mexico of course!). Have a great weekend my dear!

  5. love that first pic ...
    and my favorite is cherries. i know they are berries but i always wish they were the size of apples :)

    have a great weekend.

  6. cherries are my first favorites. Then come peaches, my other first favorite fruit:)!

  7. that first picture is what the 101 and 405 will look like the week-end of july 16th

  8. Great photos! I love that bottom image. And the top one. And the middle :) Must look into short plaid socks to go with my high heels...

  9. apricots. definitely apricots. then nectarines. then apples. then blueberries. then cherries. then plums. then passion fruit. then mangoes. then blood oranges. then pomegranates, then persimmons. okay, i love all fruits! btw, your blog is looking especially gorgeous these days.