Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Wood of Wonder

Hollywood Boulevard


or Sunday.

Nothing what it seems.

(newest hotel)

(medical marijuana anyone?)

I can't help but smile.

From Thai Town to Little Armenia

(comida Latina)

It's a great big world of options.  Choose one that works for you!


  1. Godzilla (?) taking a bite out of that clock (in the first pic) works for me :)
    Apologies I have been slow to respond to your recent comments, and also to leave one of my own to say thank you for the AMAZING looking artichoke recipe of a few posts back. I'm nose-to-the-grindstone at the moment but as soon as time permits I'm going to give it a go!
    Good luck with all your sewing, spring-cleaning and summer sprucing!

  2. Le mélange des styles est vraiment superbe...merci de nous les faire partager...! Bonne journée...!

  3. What colors! Amazing! You always lighten up my evenings!

  4. How delightful, Paradis. :-) Love all those gorgeous colors and glimpses of your world. :-)

  5. I miss the madness :^) The assault of colors, the hum and buzz of the "wood" ... one needs to experience at least once. Lots of energy, reinvention... very unique for sure!

  6. J'adore regarder toutes tes photos : j'ai l'impression de voyager !