Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corner View - Box of Tricks and June Giveaway Winner!

Remember anyone, the little suitcase on the right that I blogged about here?  I got some big company for it.  I've been making a larger box of alphabet rubber stamps.  I'm not quite right through ALL the letters yet but I'm having lots of fun carving them.  When I'm all done with letters, who knows what I could continue on to.......?????

Photo: Antony Crolla, World of Interiors,  June '09; Artist: David Gentleman

These above aren't quite a box of tricks, but an intriguing shelf full of possibilities.  Mine could be a box, if my carving/cutting skills advance that far.

Do you keep boxes around the house filled with possibilities past and present?

Photos:  Annie Schlecter, World of Interiors, Dec '08

Remember Andy Warhol?  He kept a few boxes around during his lifetime.  612 "Time Capsules" to be exact.  These last two photos are the contents of some.   And you can learn more about them here.

Photo: Fritz von der Schulenberg, World of Interiors July '09

I love the idea of this box, which contains the parts of a scale model of beautiful mostly wood home made by Austrian designer, Lukas Lang.  Lang is an octogenarian architect, who has produced a series of homes constructed of pre-fabricated components.  They need not be constructed by professionals (i.e., it's the ultimate Do-It-Yourself home, yes YOU build it!) and they may also be fairly easily extended or reduced in size by the homeowner.  They are also designed to be extremely recyclable.  Well I'm still kind of worn out from painting my kitchen so maybe I won't tackle constructing a whole house.  But who doesn't like getting down on the floor and putting a model together?  (You?  Why not?)

So do you have your own box(es) of tricks?  Or do you prefer viewing other peoples'?

Otli!  You are the winner of the June Giveaway chopstick rests and Pia Jane Bijkerk book!  Get in touch with me at passagesparadis@hotmail.com and tell me how I can get them to you.  

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  1. I love your alphabet stamps, isn't carving fun? I got completely into it a couple of months back, and carved 3 stamps of shell ... only 23 to go to make a whole shell alphabet!:)

  2. Des boîtes magiques puisqu'elles permettent de créer autant de mondes que l'on peut en imaginer...
    Concernant les "boîtes du passé, j'en ai quelques une effectivement... et des tiroirs remplis aussi ;)

    Je t'écris bientôt ! Quelle belle surprise ! Merciiii.

  3. Love this post! The alphabeth looks great. I'm a real collecter and have all kind of boxes with treasures, but lately I've been decluttering, although it hurts my heart I have to let a lot of it go to make my house breath again.

  4. I like the idea of time capsules :) I carve rubber stamps too, maybe an alphabet would be a good idea...

  5. I like your carved numbers! A great creative box my friend.

  6. let's see. but yes, of course! i have boxes a-plenty, since so much of our stuff lives in boxes until... well. until one day.
    the stamps are more up my (creative) street. you are so courageous to carve up the whole alphabet, i think i may have arrived at the c (ahem), and cut a few dry leafs too, à la blossfeldt. a long time ago, it seems, too... ;)
    but wait! the build-your-own-home-from-scratch-and-bold does appeal to me too! extravagant...

  7. Handmade rubber stamps, very very fun!

  8. First of all, thank you for choosing such a delightful topic. I had so much fun creating my post for it. I took a stroll down a lane packed with heart-warming memories.

    As for the carving of the wood stencils, I'm in awe. I still struggle at using them correctly when I make my cards. You have an awesome gift.

    I too have many boxes of letters, cards, momentos, etc. that are stacked in our basement right now. I have one filled with journals from age 13 'til now. But Andy W. has me beat at 612!

    I had my husband come over and look at your house set. We have talked about building a pre-fab home instead of one from scratch. But we haven't explored it enough yet.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your interpretation.

  9. I still want to make my own stamps too and this is so inspiring!! great boxes you have!! it is a pleasure to look at them!

  10. Very impressed by your art!

  11. very nice boxes of possibilities. Love the warhol idea and the scale model house :) I try not to collect too much stuff in boxes as I have moved so many times. This may change now though as I plan to stay where I am now for many many years :)

  12. I love your box of letter stamps and also the Warhol stuff! I have lots of boxes with collected things, but I try to reduce that stuff, just like Anna wrote it before. ;o)

  13. c'est drôle il y a quelques semaines une amie a proposé de faire une "capsule temps" pour d'autres amis qui quittaient la Pologne. La boîte est remplie de souvenirs polonais et scellée. On doit tous se retrouver dans 5 ans pour l'ouverture de la capsule temps ... je ne savais pas que c'était un concept de Warhol !!

  14. What a fun project! :-) I do have several possibilities boxes, but am passing them onto others now that I'm moving. Hopefully I'll find new things to explore when I get settled in. :-)

  15. So many possibilities. I have a box filled with my childrens creations.

  16. Excellent carving - I want to see more! I love that idea MP!

    Remember the little treasure box Amelie finds behind a wall? I have a few of those, small boxes filled with treasures :^)

  17. I love your various takes on the box of tricks. Carving is fun, isn't it? It definitely on my to-do list (which is way too long as it is).

  18. of course I have lots of boxes full of tricks (even though I'm learning to let go of some "tricks" lately... :)

    love the pics of other people's boxes you included.