Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pubby Postscript

OK.  This photo I was looking everywhere for.  WHAT on earth was it doing in the "Brompton Oratory" file?

This is a favorite pub.  And this image is SOOOOOOOOO  London.  Is that woman rocking that dress and hat?  And do those shoes do EVERYTHING for her legs?  (Well English women do have the best legs in the world Princess Di already let us in on that one.)  And what about the guy's white suit with the blue shirt?  How many people do YOU know who wear outfits like that and DON'T perform with soul bands?

Anyway.  Had to be in the pub post.  It's not ONLY AND ALWAYS about the cozy - it's about the company too!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lest you all think that I'm only about high brow travelogues and philosphical ruminations.........I can actually do small furry animal posts as happily as the rest of them!!!!!

Just about ten years ago, this little character came into my life.  His name had been chosen well before his arrival on the scene, but he took to it perfectly.  When I first saw him he was hiding under a towel.  He looked a little bewildered and injured that I felt obliged to subject him to a "viewing".  When my vet had called to tell me that he was available I had to admit to her that I was a terribly shallow person and that he had to be an attractive cat, I wasn't very fond of the ones with smudgy faces and indiscernible features.  And I only really like orange in a cat when it is ALL orange.  (What I really mean is marmalade.)

I fell in love with his head.  It is big and handsome.  When I looked at the right side of his face he looked just like my first cat J.  On the left side of his face he has what I call a yin-yang symbol that gives him both a spiritual allure and a sometimes sulky countenance.  Mostly though, when we brought him home, he was wiry and sleek and moved like greased lightning from having fled too many garbage trucks.  He had been on the streets alone for four months and had turned himself into the ultimate killing machine.   And he was so frightened of people that when you startled him he jumped four feet into the air, STRAIGHT UP.

My friend Michele thought he looked like a Mongol Prince in this pic

The first day I brought him home I went to visit him in the bathroom.  He was so frightened of me, he immediately leapt away and made a circuit of the bathroom wall at four feet above the floor screaming and peeing all the way. (With men, animals, and children there's ALWAYS a little clean-up job isn't there?  Whatever the occasion.)  I managed to grab ahold of him and sat on the floor in my bathrobe with him on my lap and forced a lot of love and kissing on him.  This carried on for about an hour and a half.  HOW PLEASANTLY SURPRISED HE WAS!

And how pleasantly surprised I was.  This guy is our little lovebug.  I'm not saying that he doesn't turn into Mike Tyson when young girl cats challenge his hegemony.  But when he's relaxed and happy and missing me a little he will place paws on either side of my neck and rub his face in mine, lick my cheeks, purr and yes, occasionally drool.

My first cat J. was sent away to the great backyard in the sky on November 3, 1999 two months after he'd stopped eating and was diagnosed with cancer.  He was ten years old and a "very cool cat."  He loved to play hide and seek and chase and was big and handsome and independent.   We buried him in the backyard and planted tulips over him. My husband says it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do in his life.  I was inconsolable so of course hubby had to drop everything and take me to Paris because how else was I ever gonna recover from such a terrible loss?  (No I mean really!)  We traipsed around for ten days in the cold and dark and twinkling lights of Paris and I had a very strange experience with a lady in a cafe on the Boulevard St. Germain.  But that is a story for another time.  Four months later this little angel turned up.  Doing the math, he was born at just about the time that we lost J.  You know where I'm going with this, don't you?

So B.B. is a wonderful companion and inspires ectasies of affection from anyone who's spent any amount of time with him.  And could he be any more photogenic?

He seemed to catch on right away that Mummy's applying a big black silvery thing to her face and cooing and clicking at him was one of those humang-type ways of expressing her great and unending love.   So he duly cooperates!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Orchha - Village Walk

Orchha is easy to walk around in an afternoon.

You could visit the Palaces in the morning or the Chatturbhuj Temple.

There is a public garden and a market and a sort of open square leading to the palace that has the feel of a European college town with small relaxed cafes with tables outside.

The markings on the walls are not necessarily graffiti.  They were explained to us either as Diwali decoration or public health officials notations as to whether inhabitants of the dwellings had been treated for TB.  We were not in the position to tell the difference.

This notwithstanding, and I don't mean to be unkind, but my first impression of Orchha when we entered it was that it consisted of nothing but piles of rubble for a quarter of a mile or so.  This is very deceiving.  It retains the structure of what we would most readily identify as a quite intact small medieval town.  Most people had real homes, of masonry with proper roofs.  This is not always the case in India.

If you go to Orchha, be as gentle to it as it will be to you.


Orchha, a small town in the state of Madya Pradesh was the seat of the Bundela Kings.  It is fairly remote, a little north of Khajuraho and situated on the banks of the Betwa river.  Because of it's inland seclusion, the Betwa may be the cleanest river in all of India.  It is another Hindu pilgrimage site, where people come to perform rituals on its banks, or ghats.  It is also noted for it's palaces, temples and cenotaphs.  A very long time ago it was surrounded by impenetrable jungle.  The moguls came and aligned themselves with native rulers and eventually, became the rulers.

This post starts with the village and the cenotaphs (monuments erected to individuals or groups of people who are usually buried elsewhere).

We arrived there in the evening when the turkey vultures were settling on the turrets

and the herders were bringing their water buffalo home.

These cenotaphs either have been deserted

 or are now inhabited by what we presumed  to be "squatters".

The city was destroyed by Shah Jehan's forces in the course of a rebellion against him led by the local Mogul.  We had been told during our visit that the town had been devastated by smallpox and to escape it the local rulers had abandoned Orchha.  Maybe there is truth in both stories.  In any case, the people are lovely.  It's a lovely country place with clean, soft air and beautiful light and an atmosphere of a fairy tale kingdom lost in the mists of time.

Boston Globe March 09 - Days of Holi

Alan Taylor gets the byline for this other Boston Globe photo editorial:

on Holi.  Don't know if he's just writing the copy or if he's choosing the pictures too.  Which are truly outstanding. The Globe does a broader series of festivals around the world and they all are of extraordinary quality and reflect a unique vision.  So Holi: Perhaps the most fabulously colorful Indian festival.  Make sure to read all the comments.  So many sent in by Indian readers who are thrilled to death to be reminded of this seemingly happiest of events.  I would love to attend but yes all the powders are very scary to me as I have so many upper respiratory allergies.  And I do hope, but doubt, that the powders are entirely benign in terms of their content.  We can participate by looking.  Enjoy! This is a lovely series of photos.  Meanwhile Happy Diwali (which is just ending)!  Hope it was a good one.

Photo credit:  Reuters/Jayanta Shaw

RPjpEUTERS/Jayanta ShawREUTERS/Jayanta Shaw

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I will probably get my butt kicked for this.  Or something.

yin/yang soup combination 22
soupP= most popular G= can be vegetarian
choose soup here
choose side here
G14 african avocado tomato* 14 S15african beef stew* 16 P16 african greencurry*12+cello 15 G18avocado cheese tortilla 12 G19 avocado tortilla 9
3 mini cheeseburgers grilled onions 10
S5 chicken tortilla S6 mango chicken lime S7 new york beef stew S8 cashew chicken S9 tomato okra potato curry* S10 szechwan shrimp* S11 chicken noodle S12 senegalese chicken
x5 beef burrito x6 soul kisses x7 mac ‘n cheese x8 refried cheese rice x9 gumbo dirty rice x10 garlic cheese stix x11beef sloppy joe rice x12 􏰄any panino
S21 beef mushroom barley 15 S22 black bean chipotle puree*9 PG24 bok choy bop 12 +cello 15 S25 brazil garlic rice chicken 17 G26 black lentil, pea curry 14 G27 burnt garlic zucchini 15
or vegetable burgers 8
cheese, hatch green chile*, bacon, beef chili, grilled onions 3 each
G28 cashew tomato cream 14 P29 cheeseburgers & fries 18 S30 chicken garlic angelhair 13 S31 chicken(orshrimp)gumbo16 S32 chicken noodle 14 S33 chicken pesto cream 13 S34 chicken thin dumplings 12
french fries with a sandwich 3 S A N D W I C H E S any cole slaw with a sandwich 4
PANINO 10 Reubeno
amarillo-pulled pork, salsa, jack, garlic bread (hotormild) 13 badboy-bacon,mangochutney,wholewheattoast 9 banzai- pork, liver paté, cilantro, carrots, bagauette 11
Jewboyo* Cubano* Pork + patebeer & ice cream 7 sherryeggnog 8 fresh OJ 5 orange julius 6
S1 african green curry * S2 avocado tortilla * S3 bacon corn chowder S4 bok choy bop
x1 spinach bean threads x2 paneer basmati curry x3 guacamole rice x4 kasha varnishkes
DRINKS apple juice 2 iced coffee or tea coke or diet coke soda- any flavor 3 magic straw milk hot coffee or tea chocolate milk 3 egg creams 4 brown cow 5 smoothees 6 nondairy slushie 6
BIGBIRD -batter fried chicken, butter bun, pickles 12 bridgette - chicken salad, avocado, tomato, garlic bread 12 candice-virginia ham, melted mozzarella, dill sauce, toast 15 chinaboy- pork, grilled onion, duck sauce, bbq* 13 chow Maine- sweet blueberry pork, spinach, fried onions 14 cobb- poached chicken, avocado, bacon, blue cheese 13 coqsupper-chickensalad,bacon,lettuce,wheattoast 14 Cuban -pressed pork, swiss, ham, pickles, mustard 15 Daniel- flame grilled chicken, beef chili, jack, toast 16 dream lover-tuna melt, bacon, tomato, jack (open faced) 13 Edmonton- tuna, cheddar, avocado, spicy garlic bread 12 gallant-turkey, bacon, avocado, cranberry mayo, ciabatta 14 gidget- tuna salad, avocado, tomato, garlic bread 12 turkey bacon blt greekboy -brisket, pignoli, olives, mushroom, feta, tahina 14 turkey or pork reuben gulf pride-bbq shrimp, avocado, cheddar, garlic ciabatta*15 high school hot turkey sandwich, sausage stuffing, mushroom gravy 18 hot brown- ham, turkey, bacon, melted american cheese, ciabatta 13 indian boy-grilled chicken, tikka slaw, mango chutney, naan 14 jewboy - bbq pulled beef brisket, grilled onions, swiss (hot ormild) 14
orange boulios 7 milk shakes 6 P35 chicken tortilla avocado 15
brandy milk punch 9 guinness malted 9
G38 cream of garlic 11 G39 cream of spinach 13
fried mashed potato 10 cheese potato skins 8
home fries 7 hatch/cheese* 9 chili/cheese 9
(fries, cheddar curds, gravy) S51 mulligatawny beef 15
jihadboy -beef, pomegranate , olive, sheep feta, pistachio, tahini 13 Laplace high school sandwich- andouille sausage, shrimp gumbo, grits 21
with these cheeses: 12 S53 oxtail vegetable 17
mozzarella; blue cheese; G54 pea-leek 12 + andouille 15
Luke’s lunch I- bbq pulled pork, chili cheese fries, ciabatta (ho t or mild) 14 Luke’s lunch II- chicken sausage, mozzarella, roast pepper, grilled onions 17
gruyere; feta; ricotta G55 peanut (florida or virginia) 9
with these gravies: 14 S56 peruvian avocado shrimp 14
Monte Cristo- grilled egg dipt warm turkey, ham, gruyere, strawberry 15 mother & child reunion- chicken & egg salad 12 with bacon & avocado 16
cream of spinach; bbq pork; S57 pistachio red chicken curry *16
beef chili;potato curry* other fried stuff
G58 potato pecan cream 14 S60 quesadilla cabbage 13 S61 senegalese chicken 16 S63 shrimp po’boy buns* 18 S65 southwest corn chowder 11 S66 spanish garlic & egg 14 G67 spicy pea vegetable 13 G70 tomato cream,croutons 14
patty melt- ground beef, caramelized onions, cheese, rye toast 14 Po’boy- fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato, onion, tartar sauce, grilled baguette 16
panko fried 8 okra; pickles;avocado; peas & leeks, broccoli batter fried 9 bananas; onion strings; chicken; bbq pork* naked fried 8
Po’girl- batter fried chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, pesto* 15 pothead- bbq chicken sausage, grilled onions & peppers, jack cheese 15 rooster- chicken salad, cheese garlic bread, avocado 14 with bacon 17 savannah- turkey mushroom, gumbo open face, wheat toast 12
three little pigs- hatch green chile pulled pork sliders* 13 turkey-in-the-straw- soft turkey, bbq cranberry slaw, cheddar 17
artichokes; mushrooms; G71 vegetarian vegetable 12
brussel sprouts
SALADS caesar 10 mexican *12 chef’s 14 taco chef’s 16 chicken veggie 14
VA RIOUS SIDES hummus 9 garlic bread 3 + cheese 5 chicken saag kati roll 11 potato curry* 8 shrimp takoyaki 10 fried shrimp salad 12 tabbuleh 8 burmese hummus 9 kasha varnishkes 4
mac’n cheese 8 bbq pork gumbo grits 7 pesto garlic bread 4 bacon,cheddar stuffed baked potato 8
LUNCH IN A SKILLET A three hatch sliders, beef chili cheddar french fries, any cole slaw* 22 B bbq beef or pork(hotormild) , poutine, pesto garlic bread, any cole slaw 22 C 3 bbq chicken(hotormild), sliders,french fries,refried rice, any cole slaw 20 D chicken cashew, potato / pea / coconut curry any cole slaw* 23 E turkey (or chicken) ala king, toast points, shrimp grits, any cole slaw 19 F thai chicken pistachio curry, fried bananas, coconut rice 22 G taco fried chicken, refried cheese rice, avocado salad 23 H chopped steak sizzle, grilled peppers, onions, tomato 22
cole slaws 6 plain pepper,mozzarella
cobb 14 thai cobb* 16 greek falafel 18 vegetable garden 14 veggie cheese rice 16 tuna nicoise 16 waldorf 12 +chicken 14 asian chicken waldorf 17 spinach, bacon, tomato 9
SANDWICHES 9 bacon, lettuce, tomato bbq garlic shrimp* bbq pork, beef, veggie chicken, egg, or tuna salad strawberry burgundy 7 S36 chorizo burrito 12 chopped liver & egg
egg or cheese toas-tite (6) falafel on pita flame grilled chicken fluffer-nutterontoast fried shrimp on a bun + 3 grilled cheese (5)
toasted marshmallow 8 P37 corn & bacon chowder 12
grilled cheese, bacon grilled cheese bacon ham and cheese melt roast chicken or turkey sausages on a bun sloppy joe (beef or veggie)
cheddar 7 blue cheese 8 hash browns
cilantro, green chile* avocado, blue cheese
I meat loaf, mushroom vegetable gravy, mashed potato 19
AARON- vegetarian chili, tortilla lasagna, ricotta 15 J moonpie meat loaf, ranch rice, pork tamale 22 BIRDEE- string beans, thin dumplings, veggie sausage 15
Kcajun meatloaf, okra gravy, hoppin john 19 L salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, brown gravy 19
BUKHARA- urad dal, spinach, enchiladas* 16 EDEN- vegetable stuffing , vegetable gravy, wheat toast 14 FOUL- fava beans, scallions, tomato, mint, grilled pita 12 GURU- artichokes, spinach, green chiles, gruyere* 17
LUNCH IN A BOWL B1 mexican chorizo, chicken, chili, mozzarella lasagna 21 KUSH- steamed vegetables, wheat, tahina, pita 13
B2 franks & beans 9 B3 andouille, bacon, chorizo beans, rice 16 B4 NY beef stew, kasha, bow ties 17 B5 pork tomato curry, rice, nan*15 B6 fufu (cassava paste) potato, okra soup*16 B7 spaghetti bolognese 12
NOAH-irish beans, tomato, onions, spinach, toast 12 RAJ- tofu veggtable curry scramble, toast* 15 YUMMY- mozzarella, fried brussel sprouts, spinach 13
B8 oxtail vegetable 18 B9 chicken coconut banana, potato curry* 22 tex-mex
guacamole 5+hatch*8 chile con queso, chips 7 nachoes 8 (beans ?)
B10 jamaican oxtail stew**20 B12 beef shepherd’s pie 17 B13 patsy’s cashew lemon scallion chicken, basmati rice 22 B15 hot dog, kraut stew 15 B16 bbq green chile pecan chicken** 18 chili- beef or vegan 11 B17jambalaya-shrimp,andouille,grilledchicken,rice,vegetables*22 B18 chicken mushroom, creamed spinach marsala, spaghetti 18 B19 beef shepherd’s pie 19 B20 pork shepherd’s pie masa crust* 19
􏰀beef chili 􏰁lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese 􏰂sour cream, guacamole 􏰃black bean rice, tortillas i
friedchili,cheeseroll 8 beef chimichonga 11 three soft tacos 12 (beef;chorizo,chicken, pork,
􏰀chicken tikka 􏰁egg curry kati roll 􏰂basmati rice 􏰃grilled naan j
shrimp, turkey, veggie)
􏰀shrimp bok choy bop
buddhaboy- fried brussel sprouts, haricot vert, gruyere 16
􏰁coconut rice k
bunny curry- green vegetable yogurt curry stuffed bread* 12
Castro-fried artichokes, roast pepper, mozzarella, pesto 17
chili 9 turkey, black bean 12 􏰀brisket with gravy
chip butty- french fries on white toast 7
􏰁kasha varnishkes pecan, wild rice 11 􏰂chopped liver, rye toast
Cornell- pesto, mozzarlla, tomato pizza hero 11 mushrooms 14
􏰃french fries l ROLLED QUESADILLAS 13􏰀andouille
cutie pie- batter fried strawberry, peanut butter sandwich 13
bbq beef or pork* chicken sausages ham and swiss chorizogreenchile*
Eve- avocado, grilled tomato, white russian, wheat toast 9
veggie chili
􏰁olive, pepper garlic bread 􏰂 grits 􏰃gumbo rice m
hyatt- tomato, avocado, green chile, cheddar, jack, seven grain* 12
shrimp 10
indian girl- fried/potato, cabbage, onion curry, lentil slaw, naan* 16
beef brisket
kati roll- spinach potato non-dairy crepe roll- up* 12 *
pulled pork
􏰀spinach,tomatosauté 􏰁mozzarella, tapenade, toast 􏰂hash browns 􏰃vegan sausages n
Lust-creamedspinach,veggiesausage,grits,wheattoast 16 Oprah- veggie sausage, artichokes, pesto, mozzarella 18
ENCHILADAS cheese; chicken; veggie; chili;potato curry*;pork; chorizo; brisket; 14 pecan chicken wild rice 21
BURRITOS 8 beef chili chicken pork
cheese 7 + hatch* 10 􏰂spinach, bacon salad
pav Bhaji- potatoes, peas, curry, potato buns* 12 roti- cabbage, string bean, cashew curry, ricotta* 16
􏰀bbq pork (hotormild) 􏰁chorizo guacamole 􏰂sloppy joe rice o 􏰃beans’n greens
potato curry*
french fries plain french fries
G40 eggplant,pepper,olive 13 S41 garlic bread, turkey 14 G42 green chile pepper pot* 15 G43 gumbo,grits cheese melt 13 P44 ham, pea, leek, dumpling 15 S45 jewboy buns, kasha 19 G46 madras yogurt okra 15 P47 mango chicken lime* 14 S48 manhattanshrimpchowder15 S49matzoh ball 7 chickenveggie17
hatch yogurt potato* 10 G50 minestrone, pasta 14 poutine 10
horseradish tomato syrian pomegranate mustard cream cranberry bbq* tikka yogurt curry* caramel cream bbq*
+ hatch* 12 􏰃garlic bread
tues-fri 9am -3pm sat 9:30am-2pm cash menu L 38 we cannot accommodate severe food allergies only
cheese smothered + 3BREAD & BREAKFAST SANDWICHES fresh 5 SAXELBY - two eggs, cheese, ciabatta 5; liver paté 7; bacon 8 orange juice STR IDER- maple veggie sausage, eggs, avocado, english muffin 10 orange julius 6 BIG BABY- ham, cheese french toast 11 MOON OVER MY HAMMY 13 orange boulios 7 MINDA- egg whites, turkey bacon, cheddar, english muffin 9 SMITH-maple bacon, eggs, tomato english muffin 10 ESSEXY-potato, onion, eggs, hero 8; chicken sausage 12 TIGER PAWS - eggs & cheese on 3 small buns 7; bacon 9
HOT CEREALS oatmeal 6; dried fruit & nuts 7
nshima (corn mush) with ndiwo (pumpkin greens) 12
SUE ELLEN- eggs, collard greens, cheddar 7 ; turkey bacon 9 SOUL KISS- frenched ciabatta 6; eggs & cheese 9; bacon 11 PIPERADE - eggs, peppers, onion, tomato, garlic, hero 12
macaroni and cheese chicken sausage, bell pepper chorizo, cheddar sausage (pork or veggie) jack brown sugar, banana, cashew
oleg- bbq pork, hatch, fried onions* leila-turkey bacon, garlic, cheddar tito- chorizo, cheddar, lime salsa fuji- asian veggies, grits
BINGO- fried brussel sprouts, guacamole, jack, ciabatta 13
hep- grilled julienne ham, gruyere flaco- guacamole / bacon / feta
PLAIN PANCAKES OR FRENCHTOAST 6 chocolate chips 7 mac’n cheese 15 butterscotch chips bacon & egg sandwich
COUNTRY SCRAMBLE & TOAST ( yolk coated firm egg whites ) 6
{1/2 orders 1/2 price + 2} coconut; cinnamon; 8 apple cinnamon
bacon, cheddar, chorizo 14 bacon, potato, cheddar 14
corn, cheddar, chorizo 13 veggiesausage, spinach, gruyere 15
cashew; walnut; pine nut, pecan; peanut; macadamia; raisin; gooseberry; oatmeal
lemon or lime ricotta chocolate peanut butter s’mores (chocolate or strawberry)
andouille, green chile, pepper*15 chicken sausage, peas, jack 13 turkey, mushroom, haricot vert 15
fresh mozzarella and: m1 fried artichoke, roast pepper 17 m2 corn, roast garlic, jalapeño*13 m3fried potato, onion, haricot vert 12 m4cream of spinach gravy 14 m5pulled pork*, brussel sprouts, 16 m6andouille, okra, collard greens 15 m7 chorizo, roast pepper, peas 15
blueberry 10 oatmeal raisin crunch
grapenut chocolate chip oreo (regular or butterscotch) blueberry lemon ricotta slutty cakes
chicken, cheddar, bacon 14 ham, potato, cheddar 15
banana chocolate coconut cinnamon cranberry, orange
chorizo, bacon, jack 14 pork sausage, potato, jack 15
(glazed pumpkin,p.butter,pistachio) brown sugar banana nut spinach, gruyere, pignoli swine blue (bacon, blueberry)
turkey bacon, jack, tomato 13
THE PETES (3 poached eggs; spicy garlic bread; special topping)* pete moss- veggie sausage, jack, tomato, scallions 14
toasted marshmallow blackberry cheese cake
sneaky pete- jack, bacon, tomato, scallions 12 tommy pete - turkey bacon, cheddar, tomato, scallions 13 wiggly pete- pork sausage, jack, scallions, tomato 14 lucky pierrre- chicken sausage, bell pepper, jack, cilantro 15 santana- chorizo, Hatch, jack, scallions, cilantro 15 pietro (not spicy)- roast pepper, mozzarella, pesto, mushrooms 15
sundried cherry pumpkin 12 brandy sundried cherry cinnamon raisin coconut sweet rice
ice cream $3 plain,Reese’s, or brown bonnet
EGGS (scrambled or fried) AND ANY TOAST- 5 3 poached 6; 6 egg whites 7; omelet 6; two fillings 10
BREAKFAST SPECIAL 7 scrambled eggs
BREAKFEAST 12 no flour egg & beef burrito mushroom egg white roll chicken fingers, eggs, toast chocolate, butterscotch crepe peanut butter, chocolate quesadilla bacon, spinach, cheese strata batter fried shrimp on butter bun pistachio, brandy liver paté crepe
white or whole wheat toast & one of the choices below
TOAST- white; whole wheat; english muffin;rye; ciabatta; baguette, pita, corn or flour tortilla 3
bacon (pork or turkey) sausage (pork, chorizo, veggie) grilled virginia ham potato (hash browns or f.fries) 3 pancakes (plain or chocolate) grits (plain or tomato gumbo)
bacon(pork orturkey) 1. thin french fries with some skin 5
chicken, veggie, andouille 3. home fries & onions {smashed} 7
BREAKFAST NAME PLATES ABC- fried chicken, porked cream gravy, eggs, grits, toast 24 ADOBE -egg burrito, coconut pancakes, cranberry salsa 18 ARTY- artichoke,vegetable fritatta, fresh mozzarella, toast 16 AUNTIE- scrambled, blue cheese, avocado, spinach 10 BRUCE- bacon & cheese flat omelet, toast 9 BUTCH- 3 chorizo cakes, eggs, mango salsa, toast 13 CASTLES - 3 mini-egg cheeseburgers 12; green chile* 15 DIANE- poached eggs on garlic baguette 8 DIEGO - poached eggs, poutine (curds, french fries, gravy) 13 FAIRIE- oatmeal pancakes, bacon eggs, flat biscuits 14 GOLD-IN-HAZE-sunnys,meltedcheddar,bacon,toast 11
(maple glazed meat +2) 4. potato skins 5 cheddar & bacon 9
batter fried chicken breast, 5. green chile yogurt potato salad* 10
hash, eggs, toast 16 feather crisp- corned beef; pastrami; white trash chicken* southern hash stew- pulled pork or beef texas hash stew- bbq pulled pork or beef (hotormild) reuben- corned beef or pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss
ILIANA-mango*, avocado, eggs, refried rice, corn chips 13 JOSE - bacon, eggs, ranchero nachoes 14 JUANITA-chili, cheese omelet, pork tamale, toast* 15
sunny’s, cheddar cheese, rice, beans’n greens, corn tortillas 8 with bacon (pork or turkey), sausage (pork or veggie), chorizo 12 with black lentils, peas, rice, haricot verts, spinach, naan 14 with tabbuleh, tappenade, tahina, goat cheese feta, pita 16
JUNIOR-bbqpork,mac’ncheese,egg,toast(hotormild) 16 GRITS- plain 3; cheese; jalapeño or chipotle*5; hatch* 7
KRAKATOA- egg,sausage stuffing potato volcano 17 LEEKYBOAT-friedpotatoshells,leeks,ricotta,garlic,eggs 16 MAINE- mini-blues, eggs, maple cream,eng. muffin 14 MARBLEHEAD-creamyeggs,cornandcheddar 9 MEXICAN- tortilla lasagna, chili, eggs, ricotta (hotor mild) 15
breakfast tray 22 􏰅􏰁mini mac’cheese cakes 􏰁buffalo fried chicken*
􏰃onion home fries a 􏰃banana burrito c
MOMMY-eggs,cinnamon raisin french toast, pork sausage 13 􏰀egg guacamole 􏰀bacon habanero scramble*
􏰁chili, cheese roll 􏰁chorizo quesadilla roll 􏰂pastrami latkes 􏰂strawberry cheesecake 􏰃mini blues b 􏰃pesto garlic toast d
MOEI-mapleglazedbacon pancakesandwich,eggsontop14 MOE II-maple bacon french toast sandwich, eggs on top 14 MR. MENTION- jerk oxtail*, beef-a-roni, eggs, toast 19 OVA- poached eggs over bacon cheese grits, toast 14 􏰀eggs on 􏰀poached eggs on cubed BLT
PIAF- eggs, gruyere sauce, fried onions on toast 14 cubed shrimp po’boy 􏰁beef sloppy joe quesadilla
RAJUN-eggs, maple andouille, spinach, hatch, toast* 15 􏰁maple glazed turkey bacon SABICH- eggplant, eggs, tahina, cuke, tomato, parsley, pita 15􏰂black’n blue pancakes SARASOTA- well scrambled eggs, pork, toast 12 􏰀southern fried eggs 􏰀eggs on chipotle black bean puree*
SHAKSHUKA- sizzling peppers, onion, tomato, eggs 15 􏰁pimento cheddar bread 􏰁garlic cheese baguette
SOUTHPORK-eggs,grits,sausagecreamgravy,sandwich 15 SO GOOD- french toast grilled cheese poached eggs 15 SOS- eggs, grits, creamed corned beef, hot sandwich 16
􏰂maple glazed ham 􏰂black lentil home fries 􏰃gumbo cheese grits g 􏰃brown bonnet ice cream h
toast soldiers with poached eggs one of below: 16 chipotleblackbeanpuree*;potatocurry*;creamofgarlic eggs, steamedcorntortillas14
TASTYI-2 s’mores, 2 mac’cheese 2 butterscotch pancakes 17 TASTY II- 2 blueberry, 2 slutty, 2 cinnamon raisin pancakes 17
chilaquilles I - crisp corn tortillas, goat cheese, scrambled eggs, browned cabbage, hominy, cilantro, spice 13
chilaquilles II - eggs, ropa beef, tomato, avocado 17 migas- eggs, grilled peppers, onions, tossed with
TREIF- 3 jewboy (bbq brisket, jack,onions) egg sliders* 17 VALENTINA- 3 plain cakes , scrambled eggs, ham, white toast 10 VERDE- eggs, green chile, peas, spinach, toast * 13 encachuatadas- eggs, chipotle peanut mole enchiladas* 18
WESTERN- cheddar, ham, pepper, onion sauté open omelet 12 ZACKZUKA- sizzling chorizo, eggs, cilantro, peppers 15 ZEBRA- egg whites, veggie sausage, black beans, rice 12 ZEN-chicken sausage, egg, mozzarella, pepper, stuft french toast 19
avocado, tortilla strips, cilantro, salas roja 12
soft tacos- soft corn tortillas, eggs, cheese, fix’ins 12 desserts ebelskivers (banana; apple; chocolate; butterscotch); cajeta; Vegas-brussels, eggs, croutons,veggie sausage,kamikaze 15 brown bonnet banana split; fried dough fried burrito (pineapple,banana, raisin); egg burrito- rice, beans’n greens 8 cheese smothered 11
glazed donuts (maple;vanilla;chocolate); toasted marshmallow crepe 9 no parties larger than 4 served; everyone must eat a meal
menu L38
chorizo open omelet- vegetables potato, cheddar, toast 16 egg guacamole - 7; hatch greeen chile +2 ; bbq shrimp +4
cubed baguettes-plain 10 other 15
POACHED MODERN 14 (poached eggs, cubed toast)
ham,sausage (pork,chorizo, 2. hash brown potatoes {chunks} 5
bbq (pork, beef,chicken, 6. hash browns; jack, hatch* 9 turkey) (hot or mild) 6
􏰀bacon,cheese flat eggs 􏰀egg, bean nachoes 􏰂pork, paté panino 􏰂chorizo guacamole
TEX-MEX BREAKFAST huevos rancheros-fresh vegetable potato sauté ,cheddar
ashura-wheat, fruit,nuts, rice, white beans, rose water 10
􏰂cornbeef latkes 􏰃refried wild rice f
larrupin'-fried bbq pork, hash browns, eggs, garlic toast* 17 egg nachoes- 2 cheese layers, beans, tortillas 12 quesadilla- 12” folded crisp flour tortilla, eggs, cheese 12 enchiladas- egg stuft soft corn tortillas, cheese 13

And this post will be fairly meandering for reasons that may or may not become clear.  So why this post now?  Because I am sitting on my bed consuming my second bowl of soup of the hour.  The first soup was a cioppino which my lovely neighbor Stan brought me.  Meanwhile, not knowing when Stan would be coming by and it fast becoming closer to 2pm than lunchtime, I had also made myself a bowl of soup.  Now does anybody know what Shopsin's is?  Or who Kenny Shopsin is?  Yes, you're right.  He just came out with a cookbook this year.  He used to have a restaurant on Bedford Street in the West Village in NYC.  (Then it became a delicious gourmet Greek restaurant which quickly and sadly became a very ordinary Greek restaurant......but I digress.)  So if I can excavate the depths of my memory to recall, once upon a time Shopsin's was a funky storefront restaurant with second-hand beat up, ripped up banquettes - probably red, a little counter with twirl-around stools and lots of groovy low-key early-to-mid-century jazz, blues, popular music playing tastefully in the background.  In other words you could still have a conversation.  While imagining you were fading away into some comfy old sepia coloured sunset universe which included a mad wild-haired bandanna-ed chef-proprietor looking like the evil spawn of Abbie Hoffman and Dennis-the-Menace.  (The English one, which I'll try to produce for you further along.)  Which many did.  Imagine themselves, AND have conversations: with each other, other tables/stools, with Kenny in-and-out of the kitchen, with his wife Eve at the register, and with one of their many, many babies scooting around in their onesies on the not-so-conspicuously clean floors and YOUR banquette.  And yes, the series of babies all looked unfailingly like little old "Swee-pea" of Popeye fame.  Oh and they also served drinks in little glass cowboy boots like the ones you used to get at the drive-in or maybe Big Boy's back in the days when you were still 10.  The cowboy boots totally sealed the deal.  Shopsin's was definitely a place I would come back to.  If i could. Hardly did it matter that Shopsin's closed on weekdays at maybe 8:30 p.m. (Who out there remembers exactly?  Who could forget, if you wanted to make dinner there!)  And whoosh the rolling wire shutters would come down like a guillotine every evening on the dot and you better get the hell out PDQ if you valued your neck.  Let's not also forget that they were EMPHATICALLY NOT open on the weekend for BRUNCH - NO!   Because basically I think they (Kenny) HATED the kind of people who thought they ought to BRUNCH on the weekend. (Remember "If I could"?)  So here's the other two things about Shopsin's:  1)  I was convinced it was all writers who came to eat there.  My husband thought I was full of sh@$%.  But guess what, Calvin Tomkins was a regular at Shopsin's ( and because of him and what he wrote about Kenny, (and the sympathy evoked by Shopsin's latter day resto-peregrinations from Carmine St. and on then to Essex St. on the lower east side - "you don't know what you got till it's gone" etc.) Kenny got his cookbook.  And p.s. who else BUT writers could eat there cause anybody with real jobs couldn't get there in time for dinner before the gates rolled shut!  2) The other great controversy in our family regarding Shopsin's (the famous Shopsin hospitality got hardly a shrug from my husband-who's-known-a-few-grouches-in-his-lifetime-by-golly) was that my husband was convinced that Kenny was not actually a chef.  Or even a cook.  That despite the giant turkey and ham that used to be arrayed along the top of the cake case so invitingly and ceremoniously.  And the delicious layer cakes that flicker tantalizingly in the penumbra of my memories.  No the salient fact regarding Shopsin's was that of the inordinate (to my husband) numbers of canned goods that lined the shelves of Kenny's clearly-visible-from--the-seating-area-kitchen.  That tangy hot delicious black bean soup thick-as-a-brick and stuck to your ribs with all that fragrant green cilantro and scallions floating on top?  "Beans from a can!!!!!"  That unctuous hummous served alongside the grilled pita and herb oil slick and dense with garlic and fresh herbs for dunking?  Something you dreamed about when you went home at night and hankered for all the next day long.......?  "Chickpeas from a can!!!!!!"  That crunchy greekstyle salad packed with glistening nuggets of dolmades and chunky black olives.?  Half of dat:  FROM  A CAN!!!!!!!??????  Sooooooooo!!!!!!!  I said to hubby.  It still tastes GOOD!  It still takes: discrimination, creativity, a refined palate, energy and concentration to make food that good!!!!!!!!  But  "NO!"  (And just look at that menu above.  It has always been so long.)  "How can you POSSIBLY make all those things FROM SCRATCH in such a small kitchen???!!!!"  My husband wasn't buying that.  LITERALLY.  So we did not FREQUENT Shopsin's shall we say.  But did I forget it?  You can see I did not.  So what does this all have to do with today?  In bed?  And soup?  The soup I made (to kill the cold - that keeps coming and coming.... back ) and the soup YOU could make - is THIS:  And Thus:  One can Progresso Southwest Style Chicken Soup.  1-2 Tablespoons Trader Joe's Green Chili Salsa. HEAT IT UP. Add one large handful fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped.  1/2 avocado, cubed. Consume while blogging.  KILLER.  Kenny Shopsin could not have made better.  Next time I will give you the recipe for my left-over pesto with left-over mashed potato with left-over tofu!  Oh!  I just did! The moral of this story:  Break all the rules AND IT STILL CAN BE GOOD!  SO!?  WHAT?  SO EAT ME!
Dennis the Mennis as popularized by the UK's The Beano Comic

The writer has not eaten at Shopsin's lately and does not mean to imply that all Shopsin's food comes out of cans.  NOT AT ALL.  And the menu is only an approximation of that which appears on their site