Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Christmas. All The Best for 2016

Wishing you Good Cheer!

(Petersham Nurseries link here)

And all Good Things for the Coming Year


a p p y  h r i s t m a s  ! ! !

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Without the Crowds

It's getting to be that time.

That is, at some point next week

all the frantic rushing about

will be over.  The parties will have ended.

The crowds will have gone home.

And what we'll have left will be that little piece of Christmas

That may not be seen with the eye.

But only felt with the soul.

That quiet, private part that yet brings us all together.

The part about Peace and Thanksgiving and Goodwill to All Men

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

St. Jean de Luz in Color

You can't go wrong

in St. Jean de Luz.

It's a big-hearted little tourist town.

With pleasures aplenty.

Especially if your idea of gladness is a cheese shaped liked a Citroen 2CV.

There's lots of girlie kinds of shopping.

Even if some of the girlie goodies actually originated elsewhere.

The love of color is engaging and intoxicating.

Whether you're looking to fill your cups.

Or fill your tummy - at Yves Camdeborde's "Le P'tit Suisse." 

Don't miss out on Gateau Basque

or Maison Adams macarons which are not entirely

like the other sorts of macarons that you know and love.  The Basque version is perhaps the 

"Grandpapa" of the colored and flavored versions in Paris patisseries.  But just as "croquant".

Basque chilis seems to be fatter, meatier, juicier, happier than any chilis you've ever encountered.

And Basque espadrilles?  Brighter, cheerier, stripier?  Ya think?

Did I mention that St. Jean de Luz might just be where the Basque bon-vivant comes to cement

his or her reputation for savoring the "Good Life"?  You could go there too and start practicing.  You might have a little catching up to do.

How's the Christmas shopping going?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Evening Streets, San Sebastian

And after your swimming afternoon.....

the Parte Vieja (old town) awaits.

and enfolds you

in a gentle, gilt edged


This is the Basque version

of the big easy, to my mind.

There is quiet.  But it is companionable.

Water laps at the Parte Vieja on two sides.

It's solemn power is both soothing and moving.

The patina'ed streets suspend you in an eternal late afternoon reverie.

Between hunger and satiety.

And when you have dined.

The evening persists.  And persists.  There is no hurry for night.

Just an extended moment for sifting through the remains of the day.

The gold turns to silver and pink.  And you realize that you have lost your heart to Donostia.

Like so many before you.  (No wonder the Basques want to keep it for themselves!)

The second weekend in December already.  How can it be?  Hope it's good for you!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

La Contxa, San Sebastian - Donostia

Just in case anybody is having longings for summer already......

I had a hard time posting these pictures earlier this fall

because I felt the pictures still didn't capture the luminosity

of this glorious beach

on a hot, hot day.

We were so very charmed by this lovely place.

I wanted to make sure to do it justice.

That didn't seem possible until now.  Hope you enjoy this sunny cyber-break.

Friday, December 2, 2016


It's been a hectic fall for this blogger.

 (My favorite dim sum spot in London - Jia)

I've had builders doing some small improvements around my house and garden.  I've been in need of small comforts.........amidst the occasional chaos.

There has been a momentous election.  Which I have distracted myself from with fashion.  (Whatever works, huh?)

I had a big birthday - and this girl, who was last year's birthday gift is finally settling in with us vs., fighting, biting, swiping and not being able to share a room with our other girl.

 (Matt Mattus' amazing chrysanth'- see more here)

Since fall is planting season in L.A. I am still putting things in and tending to them.

(Camilla Engman link here)

This painting seems to sum up what many are feeling about the U.S.'s new President.

And many are pondering what we can do about it.  I thought seriously of buying this little boat and just......sailing away.  But it's terribly little, isn't it?  I couldn't go far and - Mr. Paradis doesn't swim.  But it does seem a metaphor for a present moment?

It's hard to be lighthearted somedays.

We returned to Crystal Cove for Thanksgiving and found this offering.

 (pic: Christopher Lane for the Guardian)

In case you didn't know already, these are two guys I really like.

Despite all this, life goes one.  Particularly in the burgeoning, busting out and booming L.A. arts district.  Which has provided me a message to you for our new December weekend.  With 2017 barely a month a way now.

I've been absent from this space lately but one thing never changes.  Love is love.  And you guys are part of it.  Hugs and kisses from L.A.