Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas!

(via Homelife)

Thinking of You. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yule Love

Happy Christmas toYule!

(yes I do mean "you - all"!)

Looking forward to 2014 with Yule too!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Cheer

what are you doing to make this Xmas special

at your house?

any projects in mind?

i must say

that this is my favorite time of the year to cook.

 have i mentioned that these snowflakes inspired much of my whole year's worth of paper cuts?

oh i do love a xmas sugar cookie!

and i've always loved these icy votives.

anything nikole herriott does is inspiring.

i swore last christmas that i would make pink pinecones this year.

but i did not.  YET.  (not these icy lights either.)

when you make cookies, how many do you eat yourself?

are they irresistible or what?

whatever you make, i hope it fills you with wonder and cheer.

 cause that's what the season is all about.   HAPPY MAKING!!!! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OK Paper Cutting

Just to share a little of the paper cuts I've been playing with the past year.

 (Rice paper on rag.)

 The light is much better in my new studio for taking pictures.  Looking at these I'm actually preferring the colored paper ones.  I've been very much inspired by folk-art and old textiles.

 (Kraft paper on rag)

I've always loved paper and collage.

 ("Gasps of flame in the green of night....the Pomegranates are in flower" - D.H. Lawrence)

I started with folding the paper in half to save time.  But it creates some weird effects - all I can see at the center of the above piece is a Samba-Queen kind of figure with headdress and folkloric breasts, breasts, breasts!  (You too?)  Not quite what I was aiming for.  I will probably collage over those body parts.

So I have to think ahead a bit more before proceeding with my cutting.  So far they have been free form explorations with never any grand design in mind.

 (all the rest of these are acid free drawing paper on rag grounds)

I have enjoyed the challenge of this work.  My worrying brain turns off and I really only have to worry about line and pattern.  It's like meditating.

 ("A tree there is that ..... staring fury - and the blind lush leaf may know not.... grief "- W.B. Yeats)

I'm not sure I have quite conquered the medium, or settled on final

 ("oh sweet spontaneous earth thou answerest them only with spring" - e.e. cummings)


But  I'm enjoying using scraps of poems embedded in them.  (And hoping noone comes after me for copyright infringement!)  Cuz we need poetry in our lives, don't we?

 ("I see long reefs of violets in beryl covered fens so dim, a gold-watered pactolus frets" - G.M. Hopkins.)

It's been a wonderful, strange trip! 

("Your thighs are apple trees whose blossoms touch the sky" - W.C. Williams)

And yes I do love 60's psychedelic art!  Can you tell?

This is the last real post I'm going to do before the holidays.  I've automated just a couple seasonal ones for the next two weeks.  Meanwhile I, and I'm guessing you, will be concentrating on making preparations for the holiday and spending as much time as possible with loved ones near and far.

I want to wish you a really lovely warm and safe holiday and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Thanks so much for visiting here and sharing so much of yourselves both at Passage Paradis and as well "chez vous" wherever that might be in the real, or cyber world.  

You are all so wonderfully talented and lovely company!

See you in 2014!  xoxoxo

Monday, December 9, 2013

Atwater Crossing - the Latest Thing on the East Side of L.A.

You might be surprised if I told you

that this space exists in the tiny little locality

that I posted about here.  Atwater Village.

If you didn't know it already, Atwater Village is "up and coming" benefitting from it's proximity to Silver Lake and hosting delicious bakeries like Proof, but with still relatively lower real estate values.  Though Atwater Crossing is located right next to the Metrolink Railroad tracks, it's important that it's still on the "right side" of those tracks.  It is a peaceful place for a coffee or drinks MOST OF THE TIME.  But sometimes, so not much!

Atwater Crossing started as a scruffy outpost of low-rent artist spaces pioneered by Los Feliz' Blue Rooster art supply store (which was also featured in this post.)

And now it's gone terribly groovy and hipsterish with those million dollar architect-y green design condos massed across the street.  (Top picture.)  Generally, the long time Silver Lake residents are not so sure that this is glamorizing of the old environs is quite the best thing.  Mlle Paradis, one of those "new-to-the-hoods" is disinclined to criticize or question, since Atwater Crossing is so convenient to her new studio space and the Verdugo Bar both in Glassell Park.   Mostly the Paradis family will be appreciating a new place to have a drink in the California sunshine.

So what do you think?  If you like to be in the know, now you are!

Just don't blink when rolling down Casitas Street, cuz it's entirely possible that you could miss it.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekend Reverie

Just to remind you that I'm thinking of you this weekend

These aren't exactly seasonal images.

But I couldn't wait till a (possibly) more appropriate time to post them.

(Like spring?)

So here they are now.  By a wonderful Polish photographer named Magdelena Wasiczek.

Here's the link to her website.  Amazing, don't you think?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Friday Already! Have a Great Weekend?!

Are you asking yourselves what I'm asking?

How did it go from being late September

to nearly Christmas in the blink of an eye?  (In two + weeks time!)

How can I even contemplate Christmas when I haven't even started my cards,

I need a haircut, and I still have a full list of Autumn chores that never got done?

Ohhhhhh!  I need a vacation already!  Don't you?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Let Me Tell You

This is a little of what's been keeping me so busy........

the Paradis family just bought the empty lot next door.  There will be more work to do.

I'm hoping to plant a cactus forest over there, when my neighbor removes her 149 roses!
(Mr. Paradis is hoping for a tennis court .... I think he'll end up with a ping pong table .)

And then there's this.  Cleaning, organizing, painting.......a nice green wall on one side

and a sea blue one on the other.

There's a good view of one of the sculpture studios down below.  All this:

exhausting but......KIND OF EXCITING!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?