Sunday, October 30, 2016

Horrible Fun - For Halloween

From Japan with love.......

Most of these come from

the Kawasaki Halloween parade - (find out more here via the Guardian)

and here via Tokyo Fashion

Hoping you're finding ways

to have just as much fun.....

Whether you're terrifying your neighbors

or just having a really good


  A great deal of thought and effort have gone into these costumes.

It would all have to summed up in one word:



Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ramin Nasibov - Color Photography!

Too rainy, cold and gloomy where you are already?

Even in Los Angeles, we're getting ready for our second

rainstorm this week.  Very unusual!

Here's your antidote to the gloom.

And if you're American.....and "woke" as they're saying here -

your antidote to the "doom" of our upcoming election.

Find out more about Ramin Nasibov here and here and here and...think about something else cheerier for at least 15 minutes.  

Try to:    havea wonderful weekend!!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Floraisons, Part One

Just 'cause.  You know I have a weakness for flowers.  Or any reasonable facsimile.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another Day in the Pays Basque - Another Walk

When we landed in the Pays Basque it was 

nearly 90 degrees fahrenheit.

That did not keep us indoors.

Even though our lovely Basque gite did not need air conditioning.

Because of its thick walls it was cool and comfortable throughout our stay.

But we felt we had to get out.

With only a week to share between the country

and the towns and the was imperative to discover what it is that makes

the Pays Basque the Pays Basque.  Have you ever seen a Basque fence post?  Now you have!

The walks were not dissimilar in topography and flora from many parts of the U.S., surprisingly.

Although shooting through my sunglasses to get a good filter on the sky and clouds made it all seem

quite magical.  Like something out of a storybook.  As coming upon this Mother Cow and her NEWBORN(!) calf was, too.  (Mama was not thrilled about Mr. Paradis, for some reason.)

The vast vistas seemed magical, with the volcanic peaks in the distance

And you know - those lights at the ends of tunnels - evoke out-of-body experiences.

The roadways were covered in prickly chestnuts, which we collected and pocketed.

And after just a little more traipsing.  We ended up in the pleasant village of Sare.  Where the Autumn 

"Fete" was going on.

We had to join in.  Of course.  Walking makes a person thirsty!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Extraordinary World of.....Mariko Kusumoto

Wearable art.

by Japanese born, America based

Mariko Kusumoto

How would you describe her work?

Like candy?  Like jelly fish?  Like flowers?

Like something from a dream or an other dimension?  Find more about her here.  And here.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

L'Heure Bleue - That Time in Between Daylight and Sleeping

Taking a break from the travel posts, how about a collection

of blue-ey images to celebrate

the passing of the seasons and the transition from blue summer skies

and sea, to cool rooms

and chilly toes.

Gray days inside

and dozing dreams of summer past.

How many hours will you require to sketch out your future and fill in the outlines of a New Year......just two months away from us now?  Will you be ready for it?