Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just Saying Hi!

It's been a busy summer in all the best ways.

More on that soon, I hope.

Meanwhile here are some things I found at Print and Pattern.

Are you ready to think about big sweaters yet?

I'm looking forward to my next visit to London for some serious poking around.  And maybe a little shopping.  These are hard to resist!

Coucou!  Who's at the beach???????

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Le Boeuf sur le Toit and The Road to Bodega

You'll know you're on the right road out of Petaluma if you spot this

cow on the roof.  Across from the "Petaluma Creamery" - a must-stop for ice cream as per our host!

The road will wind through golden hills and dairy farms until.....

you reach the shore road and this intersection.

You'll have OPTIONS!  South, North and

sur place!  (More high elevation cows a continuing theme.)

There is a lovely outside seating/eating area

(as well as in) if you want to have lunch and a nice glass of wine at the Marin Sun Farms Restaurant and Butcher Shop.  (Sean Thackrey is kind of a local, and wine celeb).

We took the road north to Bodega Bay.

Ahhhhh yess.......the California coast.

Blood pressure dropping?

A gorgeous stop for a long walk.  To fill your lungs with perfect clean air.....

swimming - probably in the wet suit that you've brought along.

The road will then take you back inland to Bodega, (in my previous post)

A good place to stop for a drink.

At a classic old-school American beer hall.

That holds a few surprises too.  See my next post!

There is nothing not to like in this very gorgeous part of Northern California.  (IMHO).  More soon.  

Have a great weekend!

(for more Sonoma County posts see my label above right, "Other California")