Friday, July 7, 2017


I just can't get over how gorgeous this collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri is.  

The fluidity and grace is just beyond.

The softness of the tones.

The timeless elegance.

The femininity.  But never frailty.

The harmonies of line and texture.

Coincidentally, I've been wearing dresses a lot lately

and having to wonder what a person could wear over a long dress

on a cool summer evening in L.A.  That is not a frumpy-making cardigan.  The answers to those wonderings are all here.  If I hurry up and get out my sewing machine.

I won't be throwing out any of my skinny little belts anytime soon.

I know these pieces are supposed to reference 70 years of Dior, but I'm thinking cashmere shawls, kimonos, spiders webs, smoke, riding habits, the odd flapper - and this romantic movie: Far From the Madding Crowd with Kerry Mulligan.

I need a little bit of romance just at the moment.  Don't know about you.  It feels a little like a necessary retreat.

Here's my version of that old expression:  Dressing Well is the BEST REVENGE.   (So there you winds of austerity and horrid old Donald Trump!)  And you don't need Dior Couture money to achieve it. 

Just a little inspiration.