Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Will Be........

My last blog post

for some time.

I mentioned in this post, how a door had closed.

Mr. Paradis, who had been working away from home

for most of the last four years

now has a job in L.A.

This means I will no longer be hopping on planes to join him every 4-6 weeks.

And that life can return to a more generous and forgiving routine.

In which I hope to get some big projects done.  Which I don't feel I can do WELL.  And Blog WELL.

Thanks so MUCH to everybody who has signed up as followers, and to those of you who have stopped and shared a little of yourselves with all the rest of us.  

I will leave the blog up in it's current form for the time being.  So that I can upload the odd thing if it strikes my fancy.  (i.e. Pasadena Flea Parts 2 and 3, yes?)  And then, we'll see.

I will miss you.  But I expect to be able to continue to visit from time to time whether at "your place", or right back here.  So this is not goodbye, it's just a little Aloha!  

And Ahui Hou!  ("Until the next time.......")  xoxoxoxo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pasadena Flea, Part One - What Are You Looking For?

What was I looking for?  I wasn't sure when I went.

 I thought I'd just have a look 'round and, you know, take pictures!

Mr. Paradis wondered why anyone would be looking for these.  But just because they were the first things he saw

doesn't mean it was the last time he raised that particular question.

But more on that later.  Meanwhile, reviewing these pics, I realize NOW, what I was looking for.  You guessed it, metal boxes.  (Please also see my last Flea Market post - regarding my obsession with tin.)

Could you be looking for a very particular kind of household ornament?  To announce a particular quirk of yours?  

Do you hate that word "quirky" now that is so overused and in such clumsy ways?  (Like I do?)

But I digress.  What I mean is............as a person with a lot of taste and personality (but I don't mean "quirks"), do you sometimes fancy yourself a Victorian?  In need of parasols and pots to put them in?

Or someone rather more Edwardian - with a Downton Abbey-esque "downstairs" to display your biscuit barrels in?

Or, more like myself, do you feel that you never ever felt quite alive, until you discovered and took home copious quantities of (yes they are possibly French) : FRIPES(!)?

Some get right in and get gone with their booty.

Leaving the rest to us latecomers.  From the funny to the fancy.......

to the latterly FAB!- (explanation below)

I saw this picture somewhere else, but since then, it has me obsessed with silver trays.   Noone else wants silver trays as far as I can tell, but Johanna Flyckt has made me crazy for them.  


Somethings for the pugilist in your life.

A great big BED and a GREAT BIG "B"

for the Barthez that you might have at home. (Click the link!)

like I do, for bedtime stories which he would enjoy.......if he were a BOY and not a CAT!

A tin toy kitchen for the sous chef chez vous?

And.  Lastly, because everybody needs one.  (Here we go, what did I tell you?  More tin boxes!)

Because life is really just a very long fishing trip...........

(A personal tackle box.  With just the right lure.)

  Cuz someday, you will catch THAT BIG FISH - that makes up for all the ones that got away........

(Mr. Paradis so had NO IDEA when he remarked that I didn't need that, either!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sepia Simplicity

Sometimes it's the simple things.  Sometimes it's the sequined things.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Could things be looking up?  Via Poema Bat Soilik