Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Will Be........

My last blog post

for some time.

I mentioned in this post, how a door had closed.

Mr. Paradis, who had been working away from home

for most of the last four years

now has a job in L.A.

This means I will no longer be hopping on planes to join him every 4-6 weeks.

And that life can return to a more generous and forgiving routine.

In which I hope to get some big projects done.  Which I don't feel I can do WELL.  And Blog WELL.

Thanks so MUCH to everybody who has signed up as followers, and to those of you who have stopped and shared a little of yourselves with all the rest of us.  

I will leave the blog up in it's current form for the time being.  So that I can upload the odd thing if it strikes my fancy.  (i.e. Pasadena Flea Parts 2 and 3, yes?)  And then, we'll see.

I will miss you.  But I expect to be able to continue to visit from time to time whether at "your place", or right back here.  So this is not goodbye, it's just a little Aloha!  

And Ahui Hou!  ("Until the next time.......")  xoxoxoxo


  1. I shall miss you dreadfully but I'm SO glad you have this new lifestyle to look forward to. :-) I will anticipate any tidbits you share with us when you have the time, energy and inspiration, and I wish you the VERY best. :-) xo

  2. Oh comme c'est dommage! Tu vas me manquer! Bon vent à toi et tes projets!

  3. Oh! I will miss you! your humor, your colors, your lively view of things... Take care my sweet. Maybe our paths will cross once more in the Quartier Latin!

  4. Oh, well, that's...a pity and great luck both in one! We will surely miss you here, but is there a better reason to leave blog-world? Have a good time and take care!
    I'll keep up my hope you'll miss blogging someday and maybe come back...and you know hope is the last to die! ;o)
    Good luck and best wishes!

  5. J'espère que cette pause ne sera pas trop longue et que tu réaliseras tous tes projets avec succès. A bientôt, j'espère ! :)

  6. Great news! Happy for you both!
    Enjoy Mr. Paradis.

  7. So glad that you can be together! Hope you leave this door ajar. Aloha, and ciao for now! :)

  8. Je suis contente pour toi et en même temps triste d'apprendre la fin de ce petit morceau de Paradis que tu partageais avec nous...! :)

  9. Really happy for you! And well done on navigating a long distance relationship for all that time. I know how difficult it is, so it is really testament to your relationship and you. Wish you lots of happiness.
    Will miss you a lot - hope you'll still keep on stopping by our blog and please please keep in touch. And I hope to meet up when you're next in London (it's a must!) x

  10. Une belle nouvelle, même si tes mots et tes photographies vont me manquer.

    Bonne "route" !!!
    Et... à bientôt !

  11. WOW!
    BIG NEWS!!
    Tres bon chance in your new endeavors in LA!

  12. I will miss YOU, but I completely understand MP. As Francesca said, hope you leave the door ajar. Have always love this bloggy-place, it's definitely one of my favorite spots. Though blogs do distract, that I know, and I applaud you for taking time. Hip hip hooray for you and hubby! Keep in touch (you know where :) xoxoxoxo, Janis p.s. YES on Pasadena #2 and #3!

  13. After four years you deserve some time together. But know that sooner or later we expect you back here to report about LA.



  14. Thank you everybody for your really nice notes and wishes! I hope you realize how much I've also enjoyed visiting you and learning about what you do as well. All my very best to you.....!

  15. Ohhhhhhhhh...............qu'est ce qu'il se passe ma petite Mademoiselle Paradis, j'espère que tu te portes bien, que tout va bien....au revoir pas Adieu... j'aimais tellement ce rendez vous quotidien....je t'embrasse fort, Béa

  16. blinkin' 'ell, are you kidding me?
    yeah, you won't be able to stay away. ... ?
    you'll be surprised how many things you'll be juggling all in one go, right?
    and yes to pasadena, of course.
    funny. i did stay in pasadena, at a friend's once upon a long time ago..
    mamzelle, i shall MISS YOU TOO!

  17. Yes, it's hard to blog and do other things, but you constructed this post so cleverly and with such beautiful images!!! All that talent... I know you will you will use it elsewhere. I am glad for you and your husband. One door closes, another opens.

  18. wonderful for you, but I will really miss your posts :)

  19. Maybe we could send you pics to put up that we think you would really like....
    we are not keen to see you disappear but won't revolt because of the door slightly ajar which promises a little colour in our lives from time to time!
    well...dramatics aside....
    this is brilliant news and may the efforts to 'do your thang' be blessed indeed and much joy come despite whatever pain it brings. Creative works do torment one in part... don't be put off.and enjoy!!!!

  20. enjoy your time and you new life! Sometimes a break is just what the doctor ordered!! I hope the new door opens on a wonderful sunny road.

  21. Hello
    This Will Be........
    Thanks for posting! I really like what you've acquired here; You should keep it up forever! Best of luck
    Thank you!

  22. Best wishes to you and yours but do drop in from time to time!

  23. I hope your life is offering you all that you want it to. We miss you but completely understand! :)
    Wishing you all the best!

  24. Et hp, un autre salut amical au passage...