Sunday, December 25, 2011


For some people, the day after Christmas is just as nice as Christmas Day.

This is not quite where I am,

Pics: British Homes and Gardens 1990's

but if I could be, I'd tell you that we are sitting around the kitchen making leftovers delicious again and  lounging around the dining table nibbling............... and doing not much else!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas To All

All pics from 1990's Martha Stewart Livings

 Except this, Marie-Claire Maison similar period

And to all a good nite!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Corner View - Seasonal

As with my previous post, these are greatest and not-so-latest tree ideas from Martha Stewart Living from the 1990's.  I still love them.  Sorry I won't be able to comment today, but hope you all are have a wonderful week so far.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Classic Gift Ideas

OK.  Just for you.  Last minute


for this, that seasonal chore.  That could be a terrible bore.

Or really lots of fun.

Depending how much time you have, and how many little helpers.

Most of these ideas came from France, through that lovely San Francisco shop, Bellochio

via Martha Stewart Living.   And others via British Homes and Gardens.  (Both from the late 90's.)

And some come from ancient Japan.  They still look fresh and right which is why we have to call them

C L A S S I C S.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wet Christmas - Wonderment

Aside from my reservations about so much electricity so close to so much water,

and some

thoughts for the state of our dear earth

because of what must inevitably result

from the manufacture and eventual disposal

of all the plastic, wire and glass involved

in undertakings such as these.......

Aside from those thoughts........

All I can say is, what a wonderful testament to man's endless creativity

and aren't these fabulous and FUN!

For more information about this delightful madness, just click here........

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is NOT a Sepia

The 'hood.  Almost exactly one year ago today.  You know what's odd about Southern California?  It's one week before Christmas and NOONE even wishes you "Happy Holiday!"  (Much less Happy Christmas!)  Do you think that's weird?  (Or do they just think I'm Buddhist?  Or a Scientologist?)  

Are people wishing you Merry Christmas where you are?  Do you appreciate that?

Friday, December 16, 2011

War is Over

If you want be.    Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot .........

Like.......well........ maybe NOT Christmas in YOUR 'hood.

Tasteful Christmas?

Upside down Christmas.  Oops!

New-Look Christmas Tree?

Christmas stress relief, L.A. style?  (But what can Chinese people have to do with it, I have to ask.)

Not quite set for Christmas company.........

Minimalist's Christmas  (Nice effort, guys!)  OK so seriously, and be honest now - Are YOU ready?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Brief Moratorium on Holiday Posting:

(via Sophie Munns' Seedcapsules)

Because I-I-I-I-I.......want to make MOSSBOXES too!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Corner View - Lonely, Together

Are you lonesome tonight????????

I, personally, am a little tired tonight, but let me see if I can eek a Corner View out of this series of pictures from the Melrose-Fairfax Sunday Flea Market..........from a gloriously balmy recent Sunday.....

First, can I ask, have you ever thought about what a lonely life it must be, being a BOOT in sunny southern California? Sitting in the back of a closet.  In the dark.  For years on end maybe, rarely if ever coming out to play?  Until????????? Until!!!! 

This is the evidence.  Of such loneliness.  TOGETHER.

Is this or is this not? a graphic representation of LONELINESS TOGETHER?  Now you understand, don't you, about the Lords exhortation to Noah.  Yes?  It's not nice when everybody is fixed up with a compatible and theoretically, attractive - mate.  And for you - ?  Not so much!

Lonely together?  For Africa, maybe?  Or perhaps for one of those errant beads that I am always afraid would fall off in copious numbers if I ever actually purchased one of these things that I am so attracted to.

Do people use these in your part of the world?  We do.  When we are Hollywood stars who don't want to share our secret loneliness, we burn these to persuade the last (deceased) fabulous one who inhabited our house too.......vamoose! Already!  Because, which one of you missed that memo?  In "the Hills" WE WANT TO BE ALONE! 

Have I mentioned about boots?  In So-Cal?

Christmas is coming - but where is the snow!  Out, out you damned boots!

Not possible to be lonely, but instead very TOGETHER with fuzzy colors in your hair.

Not possible to be lonely AT ALL with mid-century MOD accoutrements to bring your friends TOGETHER around.   Snapping fingers and sipping cocktails to your favorite tunes.

Need I say more about this hi-fi.........

And this mini-dress - just shouting out to be brought together with some slamming BOOTS!  (Hello Boots - there may be hope for you yet!)  On your rockin' back patio.

Four people could never feel lonely together all crammed into this l-u-u-u-v seat.  Because after all, this is L.A. and not New York.

OK when I spot something like this in tin, and turquoise, and I am "shopping" in the sunshine with Monsieur Paradis, it's true.  I feel lonely.  Because THIS (whether or not it does actually come from France) reminds me that I have always nursed the dream of a little shop full of such things.  Either from France............or............... in France.  AND HE, EMPHATICALLY DOES NOT!  Nurse such a dream

The definition of lonely together.  Because even if he let me have my little shop, I would always be out treasure hunting.  Even on weekends.  And never ever home..........So we would be LONELY in real life.  Even if together on paper.

Don't you think little babies feel lonely in these silly bouncy machines even when they are set on them right in the middle of the living room with all their family together?  Even when the silly bouncy machine looks like an elegant, industrial, vintage instrument of torture?  

Yup.  I have already told you about me and old colorful tin things.  Etceter - awwww!

The best things in this market were ALL tin!  (So.  Painful!)

Not 100% tin but I could feel less lonely with this little light in my life.  Togetherness be damned.

Do you know these men?  They once were the Fathers of My Country.  Feeling a little lonely maybe, considering all that 18th-century Euro-styled Enlightenment "democracy crap" has been kicked to the curb by our current crop of politicians.  

At least they're together.

Oh for the good old days.  When teetering on a precipice seemed like a great adventure.

Remember my shop?  How perfectly would this work with "my" tin bits and pieces?  (Also turquoise!  Pantone "Tangerine" Color-of-the-Year?????  Ho.  Huh.  Hum.)   I would invite my artist friends in and install a saw blade right there in the middle.  I would make them stretcher bars, and bang them together some lovely frames.  When we are done, we could throw a pretty cover across the top

and have pink lemonade.

There are lots of songs about these guys.  And their lonely old boots.  You know the kind you'll find in darkened bars with old Hank on the jukebox.  No matter how many other cowboys have tied up outside, inside, they will never be TOGETHER.

It's lonely work, packing up the truck and taking it all back home.  Especially when you'd wished you'd have a little less of it all-together.  And a little more cash in your pocket.

At the end of the day.

Whew.  I made it through another Corner View.  How about for you?  Christmas + Corner View?  Are you making it all work?

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