Monday, December 19, 2011

Classic Gift Ideas

OK.  Just for you.  Last minute


for this, that seasonal chore.  That could be a terrible bore.

Or really lots of fun.

Depending how much time you have, and how many little helpers.

Most of these ideas came from France, through that lovely San Francisco shop, Bellochio

via Martha Stewart Living.   And others via British Homes and Gardens.  (Both from the late 90's.)

And some come from ancient Japan.  They still look fresh and right which is why we have to call them

C L A S S I C S.


  1. Ha! I think I still have that magazine, though packed somewhere. Strange, I remember buying that very issue in Missoula Montana...Nov '94? Magical Bellochio! (I remember things like that and not much else)

  2. Tous ces paquets cadeaux sont magnifiques. J'aimerais bien en ouvrir quelques uns.... :)

  3. thanks for the inspiration! happy holidays!

  4. What beautiful wrappings! Thanks for the inspiration!