Friday, December 16, 2011

War is Over

If you want be.    Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. Yes, that's what they say...

    Slow down, take a breath, and have a good weekend my dear - X

  2. Cool
    And in answer to your earlier question about Christmas - for me it is family and food. And as all my family is food obsessed that pretty much amounts to the same thing. Roast turkey, chestnut stuffing, cauliflower cheese, brussel sprouts and chestnuts, homemade cranberry sauce, sausages wrapped with bacon followed by Christmas pudding with brandy white sauce.
    And talking about Chestnut stuffing. My Grandma made the best chestnut stuffing ever, but died with the recipe. Each year in honour of her I try to make it. I have tried lots of different versions and they are nice but never as good as hers. Any ideas anyone?