Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Corner View - Youer than You

What makes

me ME.  And you?  A YOU-er you?  Have you ever thought about it before this Corner View?

What does it mean:  "Who are YOU?"  (WHO AM I?)  Is it who you call yourself?  Or what someone else calls you?

Could it be that you could be a YOU-er you......if?.......you'd studied something else,  married someone else, grown up elsewhere.

Is a YOU-er you always a good thing?

Is a you-er you, the things you own?  The things you'd like to own?  The way you spend your time, and with whom? Where you come from?  Or where you're going?  The things you've made.  Or the things you spend your time doing to hold all the rest together?

The things seen, read.  Any things unsaid?

Do your children, or your parents, make you a you-er you?  Or is it someone else?

Anything more you'd like to do?  To find yourself a YOU-ER you?  (With a little shoutout to Dr. Seuss.)

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  1. OOOOOO! I landed in Metaphysical Corner today! I love that your kitty can read. Is she the one asking these questions? 'Things made' is high on my list, but look at cats. They don't make a thing and I 'd never want to change a thing about their splendid YOUs. That's enough to ponder all day.

  2. It's wonderful how you turned it all into questions... it answers it all!

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  4. These are exactly the questions that came into my mind when reading the theme for the first time. Who is me and are there times when I'm not me and if so: why?
    Well, philosophy lesson!
    Finally, after hours of pondering, I came to my own personal conclusion that, whatever you do or did or didn't: you are always you. Whoever else? And I'm wondering if it's actually possible to be me-er than me, except there is a whiter white than white. ;o)

  5. good questions. I don't have the answers, but I do know that I can't define MY true self primarily in terms of my relation with other You-s, be they people/things/places. What do you think?

  6. It's sometimes difficult to philosophise in French ... then in English : it's impossible for me ;)

  7. oh. my. word.
    i won't sleep now, tonight.
    i'll just see planes, going 'round, and 'round...
    [and love the block lettering]

  8. wow. good questions. all of them. something to think about ... what makes me me ? and you you ? one of the questions of the ages .... a very thought provoking post ! thanks.

    here is my 'youer than you' ... http://bonnie-simple-beauty.blogspot.com/2011/12/youer-corner-than-view-you.html

  9. This Corner View theme is a fabulous one for getting us all thinking about life. Thanks for posing all these questions . . . as a lot of the other commenters have said - something to ponder on as I make my way through my day. What makes me 'me'? Who am I? And I love the photograph :-)

  10. nice you-post i hope you feel youer than you do after thinking of all those you questions! ;-))

  11. This really was a thought-provoking topic CV theme, wasn't it?

  12. Oy vey schmear! Yes ! I agree with the others, all good questions ! ...still trying to figure this one out :^)

  13. Great questions - but like I said, I'm finished, I'm done if I can answer them all? Wonderful post.

  14. In the end aren't we all really the same ... all of the outside uniqueness ultimately melting into one unified spirit of heart? Yes, your blog made me philosophical :) Thanks.