Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Bests

Can I make some Christmas shopping suggestions from some of my web favorites?

Cards and prints from Suzanne Norris', Sakura Snow Etsy shop

 Winsome and witty little felt characters from Swig

Dreamy fine art prints from Jeremy Miranda

Luminous cards for the season of lights from Guillemette at Grey Lemon

Toasty alpaca fingerless gloves from LeafGreen Handmade

Inspired papercuts of all your favorite places at Famille Summerbelle

Inspiring paper cuts from cult cutter, Rob Ryan

All that's girly (and a little that glitters) at Anzu London

And the sweetest and most beautiful tribute in book and prints to a lovely little dog from Camilla Engman and Studio Morran

And from ShipandShape.  What do I need to add?

Click on the links to find out where to buy them.  Christmas is soon already, isn't it?  Done your shopping?  Sent your cards?


  1. The little felt fellow is adorable!! :-)

  2. what a wonderful morning surprise! merci, ma chère!

  3. I'm still on thanksgiving time and haven't transitioned yet - except for putting up a few ornaments!

  4. Thank you for featuring us!!! Love your picks x

  5. Oh Merci!! I feel honored to be in your great selection, among this talented people. xo