Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Stecca-a-Rama - Thanks to Sullivan Street Bakery

So how is everybody?  Staying cool?  It is about to get seriously hot here in L.A. and some of you may know we have some bad fires up North.  The good news is that the week started cool.  In fact, perfect weather for some Stecca-making.

So Sunday night, Mr. Paradis made a quick batch of dough which we let rise till about noon of the following day.  I managed to find time between laundry, gardening and bill paying to pull a couple of these little guys out onto some parchment paper.  THAT'S HOW EASY THIS RECIPE IS!

Plunked some olives and cherries tomatoes onto them, and a quick swish of olive oil.  The flecks are fresh thyme leaves.  Oh and a sprinkling of sea salt.  Then, INTO THE OVEN.

My little helper kept track of the15 minutes of baking at 500 degrees.

Here's where the recipe came from.  NYC's guru of gluten and dough,  Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery fame.

Somehow I think he must have let them rise a bit after putting them on the baking sheet - NOT in the recipe.  And he rolled the dough chunks into themselves like for a classic baguette (which these are the Italian version of).  I stretched them.  p.s., if your tomatoes are juicy like mine, the dough will sag a bit, too.

But I think they turned out pretty darn good!!!!

(Oh and don't forget to pit the olives before you put them on, says Mr. Paradis.)

Crispy, salty, chewy, light!!!  OMG, you will be happy you tried this at home.  Just as good as these ones from Proof, in L.A (which I posted about a couple years ago) at a fraction of the cost.  Don't be shy, bake them, show them, and share them with your friends!

HAPPY WEEKEND to you FOODIES out there!

(No, really, I mean ALL OF YOU!  xoxo)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer, Stolen!

I am so not really thinking about clothes these days.

I am wearing summer clothes from many, many years past.

But please just imagine me, spending my summer (in exquisite comfort)

Looking like this.

Oh if only they would magically land on my doorstep, perfectly sized for me!!!

Summer fashion bliss stolen from Scott S. at The Sartorialist

Friday, August 7, 2015

Just One Thing

Why haven't I been posting?

I'm going to let that remain an open question.  Maybe cuz I can't write posts like these: