Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer, Stolen!

I am so not really thinking about clothes these days.

I am wearing summer clothes from many, many years past.

But please just imagine me, spending my summer (in exquisite comfort)

Looking like this.

Oh if only they would magically land on my doorstep, perfectly sized for me!!!

Summer fashion bliss stolen from Scott S. at The Sartorialist


  1. En effet, très jolies tenues...j'aime beaucoup la première et la dernière !

  2. Superbes photos...! J'aime beaucoup les très beaux cheveux du modèle de la première et dernière photo..!

  3. oh gosh, yes. and it will never happen.

    here's a quick note too, to check out if you've been getting my email message? for a while i've been getting these 'mail delivery subsystem' messages when i send comments / emails, urging me to note my messages don't get through to you. if you can confirm to me that you get them anyway, then all is fine, and we're alright. if a system needs to squeak, let it! but i wouldn't want my message to hang out in space forever. awful thought, that. sort of.... so, you know? n♥