Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is NOT a Sepia

The 'hood.  Almost exactly one year ago today.  You know what's odd about Southern California?  It's one week before Christmas and NOONE even wishes you "Happy Holiday!"  (Much less Happy Christmas!)  Do you think that's weird?  (Or do they just think I'm Buddhist?  Or a Scientologist?)  

Are people wishing you Merry Christmas where you are?  Do you appreciate that?


  1. Yes, thankfully! Even though it doesn't feel remotely Christmasy here in Australia, they still put up trees and wreaths and give cheerily wrapped baked goods when you visit. It's lovely. :-)

  2. Maybe people are choosing to be more subtle and understated since there is so much bombardment of glitz and glitter at Christmas time? I myself am an understated type in this respect thought not in all cases... Just a theory. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! ;)