Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wet Christmas - Wonderment

Aside from my reservations about so much electricity so close to so much water,

and some

thoughts for the state of our dear earth

because of what must inevitably result

from the manufacture and eventual disposal

of all the plastic, wire and glass involved

in undertakings such as these.......

Aside from those thoughts........

All I can say is, what a wonderful testament to man's endless creativity

and aren't these fabulous and FUN!

For more information about this delightful madness, just click here........


  1. Last night on Bernal Heights I saw a house that looked that. Wowza! X

  2. They are splendid!!! I'm such a sucker for Christmas lights. I never put them up myself, but oh how I love driving around to see them. :-)

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