Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oops! I did it again - The World of Interiors

Dudes and dudettes - How cool is this?

I found it in the October 2013 World of Interiors.

Look what they've done to the trains!  (To Versailles!!!)  Can they come to my house and do the same thing?

Y'know, every couple of years I decide my stack of decorating mags (that I only thin out about every 3-10 years) was getting too tall.  And I let my World of Interiors subscription lapse.  Yeah it's lapses for about six months!

And then an issue like this one comes out with juicy colors and wild pattern mashups and stagy crazy ideas.....and guess what???????  Yeah.  I did.

I renewed.

Cuz I loves me some color and clutter.  I DO.  (They are offering a promotional subscription rate.  Act now!  And no they don't pay me to say these things!)


  1. Coucou ma chérie, super ces intérieurs!!! tu as toujours le chic pour dénicher des images coollissimes!!!

  2. Je reve aussi d'un appartement plein de couleur... ! et je n'ai encore jamais voyager dans un wagon comme celui de la photo, un jour peut etre..

  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????
    is that the train to versailles?
    right! need to look this up, so i can catch it.
    thxs for calling us dudettes.
    it's my word-for-today.