Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Cheer

what are you doing to make this Xmas special

at your house?

any projects in mind?

i must say

that this is my favorite time of the year to cook.

 have i mentioned that these snowflakes inspired much of my whole year's worth of paper cuts?

oh i do love a xmas sugar cookie!

and i've always loved these icy votives.

anything nikole herriott does is inspiring.

i swore last christmas that i would make pink pinecones this year.

but i did not.  YET.  (not these icy lights either.)

when you make cookies, how many do you eat yourself?

are they irresistible or what?

whatever you make, i hope it fills you with wonder and cheer.

 cause that's what the season is all about.   HAPPY MAKING!!!! 


  1. I haven't done much of anything yet, save for making special fruited liqueurs to toast the season with. :-) Today we got our Christmas tree - a mulberry - and I hope to decorate it tonight. :-)

  2. Merci pour toutes ses belles idées de décoration...elles sont toutes aussi savoureuses les unes que les autres...

  3. Lots of kisses and lots of hugs and lots of smiles!

  4. love your little festive collection.
    drool over this, actually...n♥