Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Let Me Tell You

This is a little of what's been keeping me so busy........

the Paradis family just bought the empty lot next door.  There will be more work to do.

I'm hoping to plant a cactus forest over there, when my neighbor removes her 149 roses!
(Mr. Paradis is hoping for a tennis court .... I think he'll end up with a ping pong table .)

And then there's this.  Cleaning, organizing, painting.......a nice green wall on one side

and a sea blue one on the other.

There's a good view of one of the sculpture studios down below.  All this:

exhausting but......KIND OF EXCITING!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?


  1. Oh wow!!! That is so exciting - and so much work! :-) How fun to have this blank-ish canvas to put your mark on. :-)

  2. gosh! can i be both excited an envious in your place, please?
    man, woman!
    i mean, what does it mean? a garden, and a studio - sort of in one go?
    yeah, yeah!

  3. exciting! I love the idea of a cactus forest. What will the room be for?

  4. Branching out, eh? Verrry exciting - good for you. And now I see that I'm not the only one playing with blue and green.
    I always - need - more - space !

  5. That is very exciting indeed! The cactus forest sounds wonderful... and I'm hoping the room with the blue/green walls will be your new studio!? Have fun making it all your own!

  6. J'adorerai avoir une foret de cactus..! bon courage pour les travaux.. et bravo pour le nouveau studio..!

  7. It looks great ... exciting for sure !!

  8. congratulations with your next door plot ... I hope you get to make the cactus forrest :)