Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Friday Already! Have a Great Weekend?!

Are you asking yourselves what I'm asking?

How did it go from being late September

to nearly Christmas in the blink of an eye?  (In two + weeks time!)

How can I even contemplate Christmas when I haven't even started my cards,

I need a haircut, and I still have a full list of Autumn chores that never got done?

Ohhhhhh!  I need a vacation already!  Don't you?


  1. These images are SO beautiful and emotive. :-) Yes, I heartily concur with your sentiments and have therefore scaled back both expectations and plans. :-) Simplicity is the name of the game this year. :-)

  2. Je n'ai jamais passé Noel au bord de l'océan... Mais toujours dans des régions sous la neige ou le froid...!!! cela me donne bien envie pour changer un peu de douceur et de chaleur..! bon WE

  3. Again, you have read my mind. This is what I myself say, several times a day.