Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OK Paper Cutting

Just to share a little of the paper cuts I've been playing with the past year.

 (Rice paper on rag.)

 The light is much better in my new studio for taking pictures.  Looking at these I'm actually preferring the colored paper ones.  I've been very much inspired by folk-art and old textiles.

 (Kraft paper on rag)

I've always loved paper and collage.

 ("Gasps of flame in the green of night....the Pomegranates are in flower" - D.H. Lawrence)

I started with folding the paper in half to save time.  But it creates some weird effects - all I can see at the center of the above piece is a Samba-Queen kind of figure with headdress and folkloric breasts, breasts, breasts!  (You too?)  Not quite what I was aiming for.  I will probably collage over those body parts.

So I have to think ahead a bit more before proceeding with my cutting.  So far they have been free form explorations with never any grand design in mind.

 (all the rest of these are acid free drawing paper on rag grounds)

I have enjoyed the challenge of this work.  My worrying brain turns off and I really only have to worry about line and pattern.  It's like meditating.

 ("A tree there is that ..... staring fury - and the blind lush leaf may know not.... grief "- W.B. Yeats)

I'm not sure I have quite conquered the medium, or settled on final

 ("oh sweet spontaneous earth thou answerest them only with spring" - e.e. cummings)


But  I'm enjoying using scraps of poems embedded in them.  (And hoping noone comes after me for copyright infringement!)  Cuz we need poetry in our lives, don't we?

 ("I see long reefs of violets in beryl covered fens so dim, a gold-watered pactolus frets" - G.M. Hopkins.)

It's been a wonderful, strange trip! 

("Your thighs are apple trees whose blossoms touch the sky" - W.C. Williams)

And yes I do love 60's psychedelic art!  Can you tell?

This is the last real post I'm going to do before the holidays.  I've automated just a couple seasonal ones for the next two weeks.  Meanwhile I, and I'm guessing you, will be concentrating on making preparations for the holiday and spending as much time as possible with loved ones near and far.

I want to wish you a really lovely warm and safe holiday and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Thanks so much for visiting here and sharing so much of yourselves both at Passage Paradis and as well "chez vous" wherever that might be in the real, or cyber world.  

You are all so wonderfully talented and lovely company!

See you in 2014!  xoxoxo


  1. These are wonderful, MlleP! They're all very beautiful, but I'm particularly loving the fourth depicted (the first white on green one)... I want to step inside it and get lost in that magical foresty field o' flowers!

  2. J'adore tes papiers découpés, ils sont magnifiques, félicitations !!!!! This is really beautiful, I love this artistic technique. I bought a book about paper cut when I went to Sweden last May. The book is in Swedish... but I wanted to test it :) You hang (in a frame) them on the wall? It must be so nice!
    I also wish you a sweet holiday and a Merry Christmas. See you next year!

  3. Very beautiful - and full of pow! I missed out on the breasts, possibly because I had read the caption, but I like your generous Samba Queen anyway. I've done a wee bit of this paper cutting, so tell me now, does your hand hurt?? Have a very warm and wonderful holiday season in your petit coin de paradis. Bisous!

  4. Ton travail sur papier est vraiment superbe, quelle finesse, quelle précision et quelle patience aussi. on croirait de la dentelle.. bravo c'est vraiment magnifique. Je te souhaite de belles fetes de fin d'année... et une très belle et créative année 2014.. Merci aussi pour ta fidélité et tous tes commentaires sur mon blog que j'ai toujours beaucoup de plaisir à lire... xoxo

  5. Tu as eu raison d'écrire poésie dans les libellés. C'est de la poésie aux ciseaux...

  6. gosh ... they are so beautiful. Happy Holidays to you too :)

  7. for the life of me, i do not see breasts! i am so happy to finally witness your cutting work. and i am in awe.

    what i find is a quality that must belong to you and you alone, miss! and i really do like it so. it is personal, i sense. psychedelia? perhaps. very special. indeed.

    {as long as you quote the sayings you're in the clear, love. take it from a librarian who once upon a time sweated over the laws of copyright.}

    wishing it you too. sorry for not visiting before, i seem to have missed these initially... still, the sight of these make me very happy this ordinary monday morning, in which i will be, have to, do some renovation work, and perhaps, if i still have the energy, start cutting a snowflaked window curtain in front. i may just stick some cuts stars straight on the window, you know, for a quicker effect. i may.

    love, love, love!

  8. I just found your blog and I'm lovin' it! I'm a native Southern California gal, so I can relate to a lot of what you are posting about California. Finally...some rain today! I just hope the mountains get enough snow for agriculture for the rest of the year.
    Your paper snipping is fantastic, thank you for posting one of your muses...paper and collage.
    Teresa in California