Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Afghan Gold at the British Museum

Opening March 3, 2011.  If you are headed to London this Spring this will be a wonderful show to see.

I saw it about 18 months ago in New York.  The stories behind these pieces are, like much that we hear out of Afghanistan these days, tragic and dramatic.

It may be that when the "tour" of this show ends, we might never see the pieces again in our lifetimes.  On the other hand, with the situation in Afghanistan, it may be that the gold will circle the globe endlessly, with noone ever knowing when they will be able to return home.  Here is a quick article about them from England's Guardian newspaper.  See also this link at the British Museum.

Isn't it beautiful?

Photos:  Copyright Thierry Ollivier/Musee Guimet for the National Museum of Afghanistan


  1. That crown is stunning MP!
    What an incredible story and incredible country. I've read bits and pieces about how its been continually overun with every possibe invading whoever since time began.
    Yet Rumi was said to be born there wasnt he ... and people hold on ... babies are born...
    ps Maybe Joost is headed for San Fran... if so you will hopefull get to go!

  2. Yes, so very beautiful ... a shame London is not on my immediate travel list :)

  3. ohhhh, that crown is incredible. what a treasure. in fact i just dragged to my desktop for future reference.
    afghanistan, well, how stripped it is now. at some point the pendulum will have to swing back in the other direction, right?

  4. C'est magnifique !!! Merci aussi pour les liens que je vais explorer de ce clic !

  5. Precious... but then again I am a tiny biased on the subject of Afghanistan... Thanks for this post and for your kind note.

  6. Absolutely stunning pieces, Paradis. I'm so glad you shared them with us. I won't be in London any time soon, so I'm very glad I got to see them here. :-)

  7. These are great reminders of what a rich culture Afghanistan has. Sometimes we (American's especially) need a reminder that it's not just a place full of terrorist and backwards people.

  8. Beautiful pieces... and to see them in person would be a dream. That crown is amazing and inspiring in so many ways. Nice you were able to see it in NY!

  9. thanks for the heads up, definitely going to see this! xx