Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Hello everybody out there in Blog-u-topia!  So nice to see you!  How was the weekend?  We had a wonderful one here in L.A.  We had some precipitation it's true, but it cleared out by Saturday and you should see our mountains now!!!!! They are breathtaking.  I had a fun little meetup with two other L.A. bloggers on Friday night.  I'll tell you a little more about that later in the week.  Meanwhile a few goodies that I couldn't resist sharing with you.

Do you know Guusje?  She does Guusje'sAppeltaart as well as making prints, ceramics, and paper cuts that are really very special.  They are sweet and modern and very "vintage" all at the same time.  (How does she do that?)  I love this Theater AppelTaart print that she showed recently and which is available here.

If you liked the Watts Towers post, and you can't make it to L.A. just could try La Maison Picassiette in Chartres, France.  Which is a place of similar inspiration and amazement, worked on also for decades, by someone also not so grand or well known in his lifetime, Monsieur Raymond Isidore, and which is tucked away in a very modest neighborhood on the outskirts of Chartres.  Beatrice who does the lovely, lovely blog le bord dore des nuages reminded me that I missed it TWICE when I was in the neighborhood last summer.  But you know, you always have to save something to go back for - which I will definitely be doing!

And now.......paint it like Paul Smith, lad!  Have you seen this video yet?  I guess it was on the Huffington Post recently, and I just found it at Bobbi's site, the Lazy Designer here.  It's a Holton Rower drip painting!

The colors are so gorgeous and the paint has that nice frosting-like quality which makes this video kind of yummy.  Did you know about Holton Rower already?  This was a first for me.  But I will keep an eye out for more of his stuff.

And have you seen what Sophie's up to lately?  She has a new Tumblr site with some great images.  And I'm linking you to her archive, which is my favorite way to gain entry.  (I already loved it BEFORE she posted a pic of mine on it, see if you can spot it!)   I didn't actually get the picture below directly from Sophie's site because I'm going to do a whole separate post about it, but you will also find there of course, links to many other peoples' sites.  A whole other universe to get lost in!  This one, of MY FAVORITE BEATLE - I don't need to tell you who he is.....

came from a total seventies acid flashback site.

So Sophie told me I should do a Tumblr site too.  Do I have time for that?????!  Do you?  This is my Monday morning kinda faking it version!  
AND TO ALL YOU NEW FOLLOWERS!  LOVE TO SEE YOU!  Thanks for stopping and staying!

Cheers everybody!  Have a good week!  


    I think tumblr's been my therapy whilst I was in transition between studios... finally got new/old one set up ...boxes that were packed away now unpacked... so less tumblring and more getting hands dirty for me i hope. Class starting tomorrow here too... so thats an incentive also.
    That 70's flashback blog is way wow!
    The image on dylan and female fans? Where are all these images stored ....feels like yesterday ... not that I was there exactly... but watching!
    nice pic of your beatle!
    S xo

    Ill have to visit Guusje ...and that tall painting... came across that somewhere recently... a good show!

  2. love this post all around. guusje is one of my faves, and i love this print. she's so playful with what she does.
    tumbler? i can safely say that i DO NOT have time to do that, but maybe the mademoiselle does! i would visit you there, for sure.

    happy monday!

  3. Tumbler? I need to check it out - so much out there to see!

    Thank you for the blast of colorful things to look at and explore on this cloudy Monday morn -

  4. now i am SO sure, if ever i would have the honour of gutsing out paint ANYwhere, i'd sure be the (only) one to trip in it with both feet! how on earth do they stay clean, huh?
    no, seriously. it bugs me!

  5. Thank you so much!
    I feel honored
    and a bit shy too...

    xx Guusje

  6. zapraszam cie do odwiedzenia mojej strony

  7. Nice! I've clicked on all of your links in your post and will gradually go through them as breaks throughout the workday :)

  8. Whoa ! Amazing video. The creativity of people will never cease to amaze me.