Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sketch Book and......David Hockney

We have a new toy at home.  It is so inexpensive.  And so tidy.  And so easy to use.....and really..... KINDA FUN! Can you believe this was only my second picture with this wonderful new gadget?  It took about five minutes to do. YES! Really!  And I didn't have to read a manual or ask lots of stupid questions!  Or start over 37 times.  Or throw the computer out the window!

I just got ON with it.  What a concept!

I found out about it here.  

So whose pictures are better?  The Master's, or mine?

Any masterpieces in your plans for the weekend?  Hope it's a good one!



  1. I love this. One more reason to get an ipad. I saw the Hockney ones and was transfixed but yours is just as fabulous.

  2. great way to start the weekend!
    let´s enjoy!

  3. wonderful M!
    what an exciting new discovery. More pleas!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. what a cool gadget. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Thanks Doll Face, I've been meaning to write and tell you how wonderful the series of photos of the building you took. I love them. Did you use a tripod? Tell me you did. And by the way, what camera do you use? We have to meet!!!!!!!

  6. No I feel stodgy! I need to try new things! I love that man... Though now I am trying to imagine "Pico Blvd" in the English countryside ... hummm, I am having a hard time putting this one together - I remember Pico Blvd!

    Love your masterpiece MP -

  7. ouah!!!c'est si beau que j'ai tout de suite mis cette image en fond d'écran! Bravo tu es une grande artiste!! je vais essayer moi aussi! Passe un bon dimanche!

  8. Beautiful! Love the bokeh quality of the receding blooms in the top left hand corner. And thanks for the link to Hockney's iPad sketches too - wonderful stuff (both yours and his!)