Monday, February 14, 2011

It's A PICTURE! - Chartres

Ya know all that stuff I said the other week?

About running away from home and living the bohemian life...

in a Palazzo



Never mind!  This week I'm dreaming of a Proustian life!


  1. What do you mean, never mind???

    Your photos are gorgeous and very soothing. Where were they taken?

  2. Never mind??? Not a chance!
    Happy Valentine's day! Wanted to leave you a note yesterday but well I was a little under the weather. Slightly better now...

  3. Loulou: Glad you like them - they are of Chartres. I should have said that, and yes, maybe I'll run away to live in one of them instead of the Palazzi in Paradise.

    Kenza: Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

  4. I'll take the Proustian life anytime (not the being sick part of course). So let's scrap the bohemian stuff and go straight to this lovely life. oh yes, oh yes ... :^)

    whew, great photos by the way!