Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Sepias

I am sneaking this one in on you all.  Some of you may not notice.  But I am trying just a little to upgrade my blogging schedule and artistic life at the same time.  I'm going to be doing a series of "Saturday Sepias" (and anybody who can come up with a better name for me get in touch already!)  I'm also sidling toward getting some/any of my images that appear on this blog printed on high quality paper and available for give-aways and sale either online or elsewhere.  If there are any that you have especially loved and want a copy of, or even if you just have some that you want to vote for, you know where to leave your thoughts!

Not all the photos will be "strictly" sepias.  Some will be a blend of "effects" available through I-Photo but all will have that vintage quality.  I think it's a nice idea for the weekend when many of us are in that slightly-more-contemplative mood after our week's labors.

A last note, which I will repeat again in the week, thanks ALL for stopping here and having a little chat and a laugh with me.  It's always fun to hear what you have to share and you bring so MUCH to my life!  

Welcome to the new followers this last while!!!!!!  And again, Happy Valentine's Weekend chicos and chicas!


  1. Is that the Michelin man holding down an ashtray or a paintbrush holder? Dit moi?

    MP - Hooray for this new Saturday/photo project! I am looking forward to seeing how it grows and develops. Nope, it won't sneak by me - Love your work, and this looks like good fun.

    Psst... nix that idea I mentioned last email. I see how it would conflict with this project. Maybe down the road xo

  2. Hey! Thanks for the stop by on the blog. I want to see these Sepias! So, let's you, me, and Kevin meet up. I'm talking to a friend about a doing a pop-up store in the summer and some cool artwork would be great. Also going to the NELA (northeast la) artwalk tonight. Have you ever been?

  3. Your 'Saturday Sepias' series is a great idea and I look forward to following it! (also, I can't think of a better name - I like the one you've come up with! I'm a sucker for a bit of alliteration). Love this first image in the series - it brings to (my) mind an astronaut taking a break on the edge of a crater after a long day of space-exploration, bathed in the strange ‘sepia’ glow of a distant planet…

  4. How exciting. And what isn't there to love about the name "Stictly Sepias?"