Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes, Sepias (Saturday)

OK, I think I've settled on a name for this series.  Thanks for your comments (Mary and Janis) but I decided (on the tennis court, where sometimes my thinking is better than my playing) that this one would give me options.  And let's face it a person always needs a lot of those.

This photo I've had kicking around for awhile.  Waiting for the right moment to use it.  In fact it is probably this one that started the WHOLE SEPIA BUSINESS!!!!  Tell me you like it?

Cause, let's get real - what is NOT to like about r-a-n-u-n-c-u-l-a-e?


  1. Ohhh MP, C'est tres jolie! I see these flowers and think hats - summertime cloches trimmed with flowers. I have a favorite...the one at the bottom, in the center. The form of this flower is perfection.

    B e a u t i f u l sepia photo :^)

  2. J'aime beaucoup. La couleur sépia permet de mieux s'attacher à la composition et aux "rythmes" donnés par les fleurs à ton image. Encoooore.

  3. Well done maam! I have a gorgeous ranunculous in my dining room right now!

  4. Another beautiful image - so many twists and turns and layers to get lost in! The monochromatic sepia effect gives the flowers the quality of having been made out of very old, crumpled tissue paper... and you know how I feel about things made out of paper :)

  5. Yes the photo is beautiful, it's funny in my minds eye I see the colors. That bright red and yellow,and of course pink. I'm so jealous you went to the Watts Towers. And thanks for dropping by and leaving the comments, it does mean a great deal.