Sunday, February 20, 2011

Come Away and Live With Me

in a Villa By the Sea.  House in Arcachon, France, via Delphine at Paradis Express.  Ah oui, s'il te plait!

How was the weekend y'all?


  1. Curiously it reminds me of a riverboat MP... love to peek inside!
    hope you had a lovely weekend... we've all been melting over here ...
    a big storm passed little light rain makes it al better!
    ps have you stayed here?

  2. Oh yes please!! And I'd have to read Huck Finn while I was there. :-)

    My weekend was absolutely marvelous, one of the best I've had in ages. Nothing planned, slept in, went for hikes, watched movies, read a whole book, made and ate scones with heaps of cream. Bliss. :-)

  3. Interesting architecture, I would have never guessed this building is in France. Let's go!

    Weekend - oh girlfriend, you wouldn't believe. House hunting again. Already. Should we stay or should we ... make an offer. Crazy times. I just want to take a nap!