Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moroccan Mood

And now for something completely different .........

Here are a couple little leftovers from some of my travels....... This is the restaurant Almaz by Momo

in the Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai.  I treated myself to lunch there because, I thought, PROPER MOROCCAN FOOD IN THE MIDEAST!  THIS HAS GOT TO BE GOOD!

It's a gorgeous and magical atmosphere, but to paraphrase Julia Child, not someplace that (I) would eat everyday!  Mostly because the food, though impeccably fresh, was rather safe and bland.  I prefer my Moroccan food to be just as vivid and colorful as these photos.

So moving on....have you been watching that "Man Shops Globe" series?  Yes, these are rugs from a special village in Morocco that were being shown in the "Gallery" at the Kings Road Branch of Anthropologie in London this fall.

I've always loved Moroccan rugs for their simple rustic qualities, their slightly "sauvage" aspects.  And mostly......

because they are so pink!!!!!

What is not to like?  I think these were a foretaste of some of the Moroccan rugs

they are now selling in their U.S. stores.  But ask me, what do I NOT like?  The way that man in "Man Shops Globe" always defaults to "cute" as an adjective to describe some item that he has settled on.

You know what I say?  Get a Thesaurus BUDDY!  FIND A NEW WORD ALREADY!!!  There is much more in life and language than "cute"!


  1. I haven't seen 'Man Shops Globe', but it DEFINITELY sounds like he needs to be introduced to a thesaurus! The rugs are beautiful - the colours in that last one... WOW!

  2. I can smell the mint tea. By the way, you are invited for diner. Please come!

  3. I have never heard of this show, or seen these rugs before...I am learning something here!

    "Cute" ... really? Wow, those rugs are so far from what I would describe as cute. Someone needs to set this guy straight!

  4. Thank you for this very colorful tour. Those rugs look beautiful ... not cute.

  5. Man, I think I'm needing to subscribe to the Sundance channel to watch this show! Although it might create a TV addiction which would not be productive.

  6. hi again everybody! i always enjoy your comments even if i don't always respond right here. but if anybody's checking back, just a heads up I think you can see some or all of the "man shops globe" episodes either at the show website or on youtube. a quick search should get you there!