Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Corner View - My Favorite Actor

Couldn't just pick one.  My Italian side made me do it.  (The side I don't talk so much about!)  

You will know them by their work:

Dustin Hoffman - The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Tootsie.  He is so OPEN.  I like his hair and his smile.

Idris Elba.  (The Wire, Luther.)  His eyes, his voice, his dazzling smile, his scale - he is poetry in motion.  Listen to me Ladies, HE LOOK GOOD!

Ian McShane - love his hair, his eyes, his soulful face, his voice... in Lovejoy, in Deadwood.  He rocks his roles!

James McAvoy.  It must be the eyes and the eyebrows too.  DEVASTATING! in The Last King of Scotland.  He always looks a little unwell too!  You want to take him home and give him chicken soup!

I didn't take ANY of these pictures.  And no excuses offered either for most of them being Brits!  (The Brit rules the remote at our house!)  Was it terribly wrong of me that they are all men?  Could we do a do-over and Corner View our Favorite Actresses?

I'm dying to find out who your favorite Actors are!  And yes Joyce, I wanted to get everybody in the mood!

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  1. A wonderful selection my friend. xo

  2. James oh James.. you make my knees buckle.... sigh...

  3. Me too me too! Stringer Bell! Swinergin (I can never get that name straight) Yes Yes the Brits do have it. Helena Bonham-Carter, Tilda Swinton, Kate Winslet... And you are a fan of The Wire and Deadwood too? - the best!

    Oh and of course - love chicken soup boy too :^)

  4. good selection ... don't know Idris Elba though. Just saw the Last King of Scotland the other night and yes, you are right James McAvoy looks a little unwell, but it really suited his role very well :D

  5. totally agree on mcshane in LOVEJOY! what a long time ago. and idris, well, now. we’re still stuck in THE WIRE, and he’s just a tiny bit two timing to my liking, which makes him less popular with me, but i agree on his handsomeness. he look good alright!
    how about mcavoy in atonement? easily plays la kneightly off the screen (too right) …
    ha. i feel like watching a movie now.

  6. ok, i have to get THE WIRE on netflix. (he does look GOOD). oh, and i just went with the more modern sense of "actor" and chose a woman. poetic license and all of that. i say go for it!

  7. Oh! Montgomery Cliff does it for me and well Chaplin, Sharif, many others more shall we say "modern". It sounds like I am 90 years old... Good choices there!
    Love your comments on Tolstoy. Funny I read "Crime and Punishment" when I was 11 and followed by Mishima which I know I did not understand... I am most impressed by your literary skills!
    Many kisses and enjoy the oscars!

  8. hilarious MP... feed him chicken soup...!
    To tell the truth .. dont know some of those faces... where have I been?

  9. i am giggling about feeding him chicken soup... but yu are so right! lol!

  10. James ah....I agree it is the always looking sick thing. I like George Clooney for his Cary Grantness, Mathew McConnehe for his all around sexiness, (I am butchering the spelling on all of these and am too lazy to do the research), E. McGregor (not for Star Wars. sorry), and Elijah Wood because he is a local boy....

  11. Brits rule the remote at my house too, Paradis! :-) Sean Bean, Kenneth Branagh, the fabulous Jim Broadbent. Somehow even when they're not outrageously handsome, I just love them. :-)

  12. italian sides are messy. I know that.
    JAAAMEES!! sorry, i hate web-shouting but it was necessary. He is amazing.

  13. You crack me up!
    Great choices, I will have to check out some of these films.

  14. we have similar tastes in films and actors, it turns out. i love dustin and Idris.

  15. Oh, Dustin! He's my favourite of yours! Love The Graduate, especially the church scene in the end! ;)