Friday, February 11, 2011

And That Was The Week That Was!

Have you got something to celebrate this weekend?  Maybe just a grand passion?  Whatever it is for you, I hope it's a good one!  I had wanted to post here this evening my "FREE EGYPT" photograph from L.A.  I circled a block near Hancock Park two times on Wednesday to try to get a good picture of a sign on someone's lawn with my cellphone camera.  Somehow the God's weren't with me.  The photos(s) (THREE!) have disappeared from the camera. Hopefully, this one expresses some of the same joy that the Egyptian people are feeling if only for a short time before, perhaps, their hopes are dashed again.

It has felt like such a privilege to witness the courage and solidarity of the Egyptians in Tahrir Square this week.   I am cautious and concerned for them, but also so very happy that their efforts have not been entirely in vain. 



  1. Well said MP... one hopes to see things settle and evolve into a stable shape - offering people the foundation for rebuilding with hope...and after so much courage being displayed!

    I just noticed your Moroccan images... wonderful!!!
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh so full of joy! wonderful and so appropriate. Have a lovely Valentine's week as well!

  3. What an amazing time! Hoping for all good and positive things for Egypt, and the world.

    ...I remember Hancock Park, ohhh. Beautiful neighborhood. They used to call my area "Hancock Park adjacent" ... that's how realtors stretched the truth and fluffed it up ;^) (Sycamore @ 8th!)