Thursday, March 31, 2011


In French it means - storage, organizing and if you go to the root of the word,

and making it very literal, "lining things up in rows".  The first four of these I found at Sophie Munn's Tumblr site which she calls "Seed Capsules".  Sophie did some New Year's tidying up, any of you in the mood?  Or would just looking at somebody else's organizing do the trick?

Pierre Bonnard
 the painting above "The Red Cupboard" - one of many by this painter.  Painting IS organizing too!

Do I need to say anything about the photo above?  How could I?  Besides that it's beautiful in all the wrong ways.

The following "red" photo, The Old Library, The Hague, Netherlands, was credited to Menno Mannheim on Flickr  but I had trouble confirming this.  Can anyone help?  Anyway, kind of amazing.

This last from the Selby.  It is (just one of many, I imagine) of a Karl Lagerfeld home, with his collection of books.  

Wouldn't you love to spend a month here uninterrupted?


  1. my love, i am definitely in awe for this little collection of rangements. perhaps that is because i am a passionate rangemaneur myself? i can feel so good when i get to the point of anything near the above, and then i walk away (that's my lesser ranging nature)...
    of course i must thank you for a bonnard this morning. i would never have thought of the man and his power, and now he's gonna be next to me, all while painting my bedroom (just white).
    the photos on the wall, good idea!
    the colour of the hague library? wrong.
    the taxidermy (?) image... well... the sight of that matron amongst dead, colourful (!) bodies is vraiment unsettling. i also want to call it powerful.
    i have no idea why i'm being so elaborate this morning. perhaps this post just so appealed to me?

  2. Oh wow - all of these are stunning collections. I do very much want to start organizing my own self again. Hopefully when I get better - doc says about 10 more days. :-)

  3. Pour faire du rangement, il faut d'abord rassembler. Bravo - quelle inspiration!

  4. You dug up some amazing rangement images. The ornithology dept one is incredible (right word here?)

  5. Yes, I would like to spend a month in Karl Lagerfeld's library, but not so much to read as to rearrange and organize all of those books so they are not lying flat. The current "order" really makes my OCD flare up.

  6. plein de poissons j'ai vu.. :)

  7. Le rangement... hum chez moi c'est vite fait... plustôt Zen de ce côté-là. Bon rangement alors! (love the last photo!)

  8. love the lagerfeld book lair. want to spend a week or two just browsing and sipping tea, though i imagine he also has beautiful gardens, so maybe a month is in order. tx mp. tgif.

  9. Amazing post. All those dead birdies... a chilling sight but yes, beautiful in a way.

  10. Love that word Rangements MP.
    And love your take on this theme here.
    Thank you for that alone... !
    Mostly Tumblr is very good for acknowledgements of sources... how frustrating then this library image is not well-referenced.
    Its not good to linger long on those birds. My... how we've plundered! Came across an obscure article the other day that said herbarium records of plants from 2 or 3 hundred years ago are helping scientists observe climate change... they are able to check details to do with when a plant has flowered with precise dates and notes etc... gleaning valuable info before daily weather records started.
    So I hope there is something to positive be said for all these birds...
    And yes... hanging out at that home library would be really something!
    S x