Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Not-Pictures-By-Moi-M'dears

Mostly from old, yes I'm talkin' like 1990's?

Marie-Claire Maison and Maison Madame Figaro.  I still do and always will,

L-O-V-E these images.  Hope you like them too.  They are bursting with spring spring-ey-ness.

Do they not make you want to get outside and kick off your shoes?

Or lounge in the sunlight with a good book?

(Adore, adore......)

Sorry I have not been around much to visit with you all lately or even take my own pictures.

We've had honeybees and bee wranglers all over our home these past two weeks, contractors coming in to put back what the beekeepers had to open up,  Mr. Paradis has been having many Dr. visits (he's fine, thanks - it just took awhile to figure it out), two family members have passed away (very sad, lovely Uncles), houseguests coming next week (so I must shop and clean!) and I am taking a writing class that is demanding alot out of me one way and another.  Are you tired just hearing all this?  Believe me, I am too!

Another ten days or so and then I will be more back to normal-ish.  Thanks for being patient with me. 

Milles bises! 


  1. Mais qu'est ce que c'est que cette histoire d'abeilles ? je ne comprend pas toute l'histoire.
    J'ADORE!!!! ce jardin " à la française " dans ce tout petit jardin minuscule ...! Comme quoi, quand on rêve autant rêver grand!... Reviens nous vite! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing the details of the ins and outs. We all have complex lives outside these blogs. It's a reality check. Much appreciation for your post.

    So glad to hear Mr. P is well, though sorry to hear about your beloved uncles. Warm hugs MP... X

  3. oh what a busy life ... sorry about your uncles though. Hugs!

  4. What gorgeous shots! enjoyed this very much.

  5. Very spring-y indeed! (Is that first image Keukenhof? I visited in early spring a few years ago and it was quite a sight to behold!)
    I hope life settles down a bit, am glad that Mr.P is fine, and good luck with the writing class (exciting!).
    Sorry to hear of your uncles' passing - may they RIP, and hugs to you.

  6. thats a lot happening... and thank good ness I am not the only on to make a whimper about things.
    SOrry to hear of lovely Uncles... but good news for sure on mr p and especially great to hear about the writing!
    ps go you!

  7. the lounging and the book. cheers!